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12 Days of Wellness

December 21 - January 1
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Tis' the season to be FIT and jolly! Join us for a heart-pumping, joy-infused group workout that will leave you feeling merry, bright, and ready to tackle the holiday season with a healthy glow!

12/21 Thursday: Slay Bells | 5:30pm 
12/22 Friday: Gratitude Yoga | 10am 
12/23 Saturday: Slay Bells | 11am 
12/24 Sunday: Holiday Barre | 11am 
12/25 Monday: Gratitude Yoga | 9am 
12/26 Tuesday: Upper Body Blitzen | 10am 
12/27 Wednesday: Gratitude Yoga | 10am 
12/28 Thursday: Slay Bells | 5:30pm 
12/29 Friday: Gratitude Yoga | 10am 
12/30 Saturday: Slay Bells | 11am 
12/31 Sunday: Holiday Barre | 11am 
1/1 Monday: Gratitude Yoga | 9am 

SLAY BELLS: HIIT-style class incorporating kettlebells, push sleds, and functional exercises. 
GRATITUDE YOGA: Honor what we are grateful for through guided meditation and yoga 
HOLIDAY BARRE: Tis the Season to inspire elements of ballet, dance, and Pilates all in one workout. 
UPPER BODY BLITZEN: This HIIT style class tends to move quickly with little downtime, so you are sure to burn major calories and challenge your muscles. 

To book your spot in a class, call Anatomy at 305.604.6793 or email [email protected]

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