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We think you’ll agree, our planet has been hugely generous for hosting us in the first place. So, we’re committed to protecting it. We design our spaces and places to preserve the natural environment and culture of the setting—and do all the good we can along the way.

Our Highlights

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LEED Certified

100% of 1 Hotels are minimum LEED Certified.

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Carbon Neutral

All U.S. operating properties are 100% CERTIFIED CARBON NEUTRAL since 2018.

Woman tending to garden

CO2 Offsets

To date we've offset 19,171 TONS of CO2.


Supporting Causes That Matter

We've donated MORE THAN HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to various charitable partners, including Housing Works, Oceanic Global, The Nature Conservancy, and the NRDC.

Our Pillars


Protecting Our 1 World

People & Equity

Supporting Our People & Communities


Growing Mindfully & Transparently

Our Standards

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Carbon Neutrality

1 Hotels is 100% Certified Carbon Neutral across all operating U.S. properties since 2018, and we’re working tenaciously to expand this to a global certification.

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LEED Certification

All 1 Hotels meet the minimum requirements for LEED certification, the most widely used and recognized sustainable building rating system in the world.