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1 Hotel Melbourne

Sprouting 2025

9 Maritime Place

Welcome to your Melbourne retreat, where the essence of the city's natural beauty and vibrant heritage converges on the serene banks of the Yarra River. Just like the river winds its way through this wonderful city, our commitment to sustainability and reverence for the land gracefully flow through every aspect of our sanctuary.

Nature is Home in Melbourne

Located on the southeastern tip of Australia, Melbourne is known for its dynamic geography — from stretches of urban sophistication to natural coastal beauty. The beautiful Yarra River flows through the heart of Melbourne, infusing vibrancy and serenity among the surrounding cityscape.


Melbourne is an ideal place to witness the changing of the seasons. Warm, humid, and sunny summers give way to cool, amber-hued autumns. Winter arrives with chilly (yet relatively mild) temperatures and coastal winds but always be prepared for Melbourne’s surprising cold spells. As spring approaches, colorful flowers blossom and stretches of sunshine grow longer and longer.


With its temperate climate, Melbourne showcases a beautiful range of lush greenery and floral diversity, from eucalyptus trees to bright wildflowers. With stunning and vibrant native plants such as the Kangaroo Paw and Banksia, you’re sure to see eye-catching hues of bright orange, pink, and yellow as you roam through the city. 


Melbourne is home to a wide variety of wildlife with unique native species such as kangaroos, wombats, koalas, kookaburras, and wallabies. The more urban spaces tend to attract rabbits, possums, and foxes as colorful parrots, robins, and lorikeets soar through the skies. In the wetlands of Melbourne, you might catch a glimpse of vibrant banjo frogs, various lizards, rainbow trout, cod, perch, and beyond.

Natural Attractions

Explore Melbourne’s rich biodiversity at stunning destinations such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, overflowing with tens of thousands of picturesque blooms, herbs, cacti, succulents, and beyond. Journey through the Fitzroy Gardens to immerse yourself in the countless flowers, shrubs, and towering elm trees that extend along the expansive groves—with a watercourse that flows through the center of the gardens. Beyond Melbourne’s many botanical gardens, explore the city freely knowing that natural beauty and bright, lush blooms exist around every corner.


Naturally, we’ve planted roots in a city that’s considered a global leader in the realm of sustainability. Melbourne is always working to take bold climate action, shining through its recent planet-friendly commitments which include investing $40 million in water reuse and management, transitioning to renewable energy, planting over 22,000 trees since 2012, implementing waste avoidance policies to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2030, and so much more.

Eucalyptus Trees


1 Hotel Melbourne
9 Maritime Place
Docklands VIC 3008

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Situated on the Yarra River, the hotel will provide breathtaking waterfront views and provide access to a 3,500-square-metres public park. 

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