Pool at 1 hotel south beach

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Please fill out the following application to apply to be a Member at 1 Hotel South Beach.

Some things to consider:

- Only fully completed applications will be reviewed. No slacking.
- We don't gossip. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.
- Unfortunately, submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. So make sure you put some thought into your responses!
- The Beach Club team will reach out to you directly within a few days of submitting regarding the status of your application

Membership Types:

For each Membership Type, applications incur a one-time fee of $500.
- Single: $3,500
- Couple: $5,600
- Family: $6,800

I hereby apply for membership to Members Club at 1 Hotel South Beach. If accepted, I agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations set forth to me by Members Club at 1 Hotel South Beach.
I agree to Terms and Conditions upon submitting the application.