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"What makes this property truly stand out in an archipelago dotted with luxe oceanfront resorts is that it’s also a legitimate wellness destination" -Condé Nast Traveler Transformative Wellness Awaits
Discover the sustainability story behind our sanctuary. Discover Our Sustainability Story.
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1 Hotel Hanalei Bay is a stunning example of a building that stands for something. With sustainability at the core of its foundation, the re-imagination rather than complete rebuild of this island oasis has already saved 144.6 tons of materials from entering landfills and 73.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere. Through positive partnerships, innovative initiatives, and mindful design, this sanctuary not only blends in beautifully with the ethereal beauty of Kauaʻi—but also works to honor and preserve it in every possible way.

Our Highlights

Woman tending to garden

LEED Certification

This island oasis is on track to becoming LEED certified, is optimized for energy efficiency and powered by green systems including LED lighting, increased insulation, HVAC systems with energy recovery, and advanced monitoring. Through targeted strategies, this sanctuary is designed to save roughly 20% in annual energy costs.

Woman tending to garden

CO2 Offsets

In addition to the 73.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions saved during the reconstruction (rather than complete rebuild) of our wellness sanctuary, we utilize initiatives such as green roofs, waste diversion, and global carbon offset projects to neutralize our emissions.


Supporting Causes That Matter

Whether that’s directly supporting our amazing non-profit partners through charitable events or using our platform to raise awareness and ignite positive change, we’re committed to honoring and uplifting the planet, people, and culture in the places we call home.

Our Pillars


Protecting Our 1 World

The choice alone to plant roots on Kauaʻi reinforces our mission to safeguard the natural world. As one of the most stunning, biodiverse settings on earth, we’re honored to call Kauaʻi home and do everything in our power to work with the natural world—not around or against it.

People & Equity

Supporting Our People & Communities

Creating a culture of inclusivity is our responsibility as human beings—to each other, and to the beautiful world we share. We stand together in our pledge to grow diverse and equitable representation for everyone in our growing community of team members, guests, and partners that honor Kaua'i's culture, promote its prosperity, and uplift its communities.


Growing Mindfully & Transparently

As our flagship wellness sanctuary, 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay beautifully embodies the long-term resiliency of our properties and represents our strategy for growth and impact. This imaginative oasis is living proof that luxury hospitality and sustainability can exist in harmony. We look forward to reflecting on its efficient systems and practices as we collect data regarding carbon emissions, energy consumption, water stewardship, waste diversion, equity, biodiversity, and beyond.

Your Favorite Moments