1 Hotel Coconut
-Sprouting Soon-

A classic Hawaiian treat that’s worth relocating for — enjoy shave ice made with locally crafted syrups from our friends at Slow Island Co., as well as ice cream and natural toppings. Level up your shaved ice with single-batch local rums and zero-proof artisan syrup, plus coconut water straight from the source, Hala Kahiki cocktails served in fresh local pineapples, and a poolside boutique with merch like sunscreen, sunglasses, and plenty of gear for fun in the water.


Daily  | 11am - 5pm


Meet Our Local Purveyors

Supporting local farmers and purveyors is essential to our sustainability efforts. Our local partners provide us with the freshest ethically sourced ingredients to ensure a mindful experience.

Slow Island Co
Aloha Ola Farms
Koloa Rum

Slow Island Co