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Nature is our true north. Discover Our Sustainability Story
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Garden in an exterior hotel lobby


Protecting Our 1 World

View of the 1 Hotels Nashivlle Facade looking upwards

Building with Purpose

Much like our mission, the SH Hotels & Resorts building methodology is all-encompassing. In fact, our intention begins far before we ever break ground—from the moment we choose to take root in destinations that reinforce our values.


1 Hotels Sign

Our Accreditations

• 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge: LEED Gold
• 1 Hotel Central Park: LEED Certified
• 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay: LEED Certified
• 1 Hotel Haitang Bay: LEED Silver
• 1 Hotel Mayfair: Certification In Process
• 1 Hotel Nashville: LEED Silver
• 1 Hotel San Francisco: Certification In Process
• 1 Hotel South Beach: LEED Silver
• 1 Hotel West Hollywood: LEED Silver
• 1 Hotel Toronto: LEED Gold

Dark hallway with a water fountain

Environmental Stewardship

At 1 Hotels, we embody what it means to be a responsible corporation operating in a vulnerable climate, minimizing our emissions through tangible and transparent initiatives including:

• Enhanced energy management controls
• Variable speed drives on mechanical systems
• Infrared HVAC systems that operate based on occupancy
• Guest access to electric car charging stations
• 100% fully electric Audi Q8 e-tron house cars

Water Filter

Water Conservation

With locations that range from drought-prone to flood-risk, we understand the vitality of water stewardship. We’re committed to using water responsibly and helping our communities become more resilient to water resource oscillations through initiatives such as:
• Efficient irrigation systems
• Indigenous landscaping
• Low-flow plumbing fixtures
• Cooling tower management standards
• On-site filtered water sources

Patio Furniture

Crafted with Care

Every good we use, from ingredients to building materials, has a story. We choose stories that are ethical, meaningful, and responsible. We strive to source products that are healthy for people and the planet, and we honor the dignity of labor throughout our supply chain by prioritizing:
• Locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients
• Native and reclaimed materials
• Protection for natural resources
• In-room and back-of-house waste sorting and diversion
• Reusable and recyclable consumer goods

Rooftop Garden

Rooted in Local Flavor

Our renowned chefs curate culinary masterpieces, respecting local culture and honoring the natural world through:
• Energy-efficient certified kitchen equipment
• Natural fuel cooking
• On-site composting
• On-site organic gardens
• Green For Life (GFL) monitoring
• Locally sourced core menu items
• Zero-waste cocktails, dinners, and events
• Elimination of all single-use plastic

Mindful Moments

1 Hotels themed bag hanging on the back of a desk chair

Small Details Lead to Big Change

Thoughtfulness lies in every corner. Welcome to a world where sustainability and natural comforts exist in harmony.

Wood paneled bedroom

1 Less Thing

We invite guests to leave gently used clothing items behind, and we donate them to a local charity to give them a second life.

1 Hotels room key on a wooden table made of a tree stump

Out With Plastic, In With The Wood

Our room keys come in 5 different types of recycled wood.

Shower timer

Mindful Moments Are Everywhere

The shower timers in our rooms are a gentle reminder that just a few minutes saved can add up to make a big difference.

In room filtered water tap

Back to the Tap

We provide clean, filtered water along with recycled glass carafes and glasses to encourage guests to refill and drink up.

A white linen shirt with collar, hung in closet

Hang in There, It's a Good One

Our hangers are made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. They're full of stories, too.

Welcome Home Chalkboard

Write On

In an effort to be paper-smart, you'll find a reclaimed chalkboard in your room for notes & doodles.

Lobby farmstand

The Market, Right Here At 1

Find deliciously ripe, just-picked seasonal fruits and vegetables at our lobby farm stand. Straight from regional farms, direct to you.

Hotel lobby


Our hotels are home to thousands of different plants.

Bamford products

Naturally Fresh

Every room features custom 1 Hotels bath products in collaboration with Bamford, made with the highest quality organic ingredients and infused with the brand's signature blend of geranium, lavender, peppermint, and tonka to cleanse and refresh both body and mind.

Not Now Rock


We've swapped the usual plastic privacy sign with a little touch of nature to let us know when you're ready.



We’re pleased to introduce the official electric vehicle of 1 Hotels, the fully electric Audi Q8 e-tron. Guests are welcome to enjoy the Audi Experience to sustainably be whisked around the local area and even test drive it at a time that works for you.