Protecting Our 1 World


Our renowned chefs curate culinary masterpieces, respecting local culture and honoring the natural world through:
• Energy-efficient certified kitchen equipment
• Natural fuel cooking
• On-site composting
• On-site organic gardens
• Green For Life (GFL) monitoring
• Locally sourced core menu items
• Zero-waste cocktails, dinners, and events
• Elimination of all items from unethical production and farming practices
• Elimination of all single-use plastic

A Supper That Sustains Us Chris Crary 1 Kitchen at 1 Hotel West Hollywood
hands in nature

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We have the unique opportunity to share the ethereal beauty and vulnerability of nature with the world, and we’ll never take that for granted. 

1 Hotels was founded on specific principles that drive our operating practices across our brands. As a new company, we have the unique opportunity to integrate sustainability into our practices and standards from the very beginning.

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