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People & Equity

Supporting Our People & Communities


Doing All the Good We Can

At 1 Hotels, our commitment to safeguarding the Earth is at the heart of everything we do. We weave care for people and the planet into the very fabric of our identity. We are passionate about empowering not just our guests but also our team members to become stewards of the environment.

Person tending to a garden


Every team member has different needs when it comes to benefits and their overall wellbeing. We offer flexible medical plans, discounts on health and fitness brands to promote healthy living, complimentary shift snacks or meals, generous paid time off, paid volunteer time, and education assistance through our very own SH University.



Care | Concern | Passion

Welcome | Learn | Together | Open Mindedness

Honor | Appreciate | Value

Friendly | Engaging | Unexpected Fun

Accountable | Confident | Committed


Our mission to find talent is simple. We seek thoughtful, caring, and forward-thinking people who will inspire, collaborate, and strive to achieve our fundamental cause – do all the good we can. And we use our hotels as a platform for change.

Chef Ginger Pierce

Sustainability Champions

Together, we leverage our hotels as platforms for change, motivating our community and teams to engage, collaborate, and advance our core mission: to do all the good we can. Each sanctuary has a Sustainability Champion, a team member who volunteers to provide sustainability training and drive new initiatives across the property. Their efforts include everything from innovative waste reduction systems and sustainability-focused guest tours to comprehensive staff training programs, all aimed at fostering environmental stewardship. 

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Talent with Shared Values

We’re always looking for new opportunities to build sustainable and equitable leadership across our management teams. In 2021, we rolled out a sustainability-focused incentive plan for our General Managers to encourage accountability and solution sharing across all properties. We also facilitated DEI training for 128 of our leaders and established on-site DEI councils at each of our properties.