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Transformative Wellness

At 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay, feel inspired to see wellness in a new light—no longer constrained to a single definition or expectation. In the stunning setting of Kauaʻi’s North Shore, allow wellness to remain fluid, adapting to your physiology, insights and needs as effortlessly as the crystal waters flow with the tides of Hanalei’s lei-shaped bay, the misty fog rolls over the emerald mountains, and the warm sand envelops your feet.

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Informed by the calming nature and thoughtful culture of Kaua‘i’s North Shore, Bamford Wellness Spa features 13 sustainably designed treatment rooms alongside a menu of transformative therapies, rituals and treatments that blend ancient Hawaiian techniques with advanced technology, creating an enlightened space for serenity, restoration and holistic, lasting wellness.


Enhance your overall health, slow down aging, and improve your overall quality of life at a cellular level with leading anti-aging and precision well-being experiences.

Our medical providers, nurses and nutritionists assess your health and guide you through bespoke treatments that activate your body’s natural health, strength, and endurance for synergistic total wellbeing.

Touchless Therapies

Using a flotation tank to create a zero-gravity environment that promotes relaxation and restoration, and is also known to reduce stress & anxiety, relieve muscle aches, improve sleep and focus, accelerate recovery, deepen your meditation practice, increase circulation, and elevate your dopamine and endorphins.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Breathe in 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized environment, which is known to rejuvenate your skin and tissues and promote a clear, focused mind.


The world’s first tech-enabled meditation vessel providing meaningful stress relief.


This precision pulse technology helps increase circulation, revive muscles, reduce swelling, speed up recovery, and maximize performance through targeted air compression. 


A blend of herbs that soothe and cleanse the respiratory tract, boost immunity against respiratory infections, and strengthen the immune system.


Using infrared panels in place of conventional heat, near infrared wavelengths deliver energy to your cells allowing connective tissues to stimulate production of collagen and elastin. This can lead to skin renewal, cell regeneration, faded scars, and tissue growth.


Inspired by nature and perfected by science, enjoy the cumulative healing benefits of heated crystals, far infrared, negative ions, photon lights and PEMF.


Sprouting Soon - Our two-person Cryo Chamber, a treatment focused on submersion in below-freezing temps, can be highly effective in muscle recovery, chronic pain relief, and improved sleep.


Sprouting Soon - These cold water immersion baths help to constrict the body’s blood vessels, aid in flushing toxins from the body, and reduce inflammation. After cold water immersion therapy, the body naturally begins to reheat itself, while blood vessels expand to promote healthy blood flow. This constriction and expansion of the blood vessels can have a lasting positive effect on blood pressure and overall circulation.

Water ripples

Mind & Movement

Cultivate a lifestyle of well-being through immersive experiences centered around intentional living, stress reduction exercises, strength training, endurance building, yoga practices, and outdoor immersive fitness excursions. 

Anatomy Fitness

Recharge at our 8,000 square-foot and 24/7 gym, a health and wellness sanctuary with state-of-the-art weight training and cardio equipment. Anatomy at 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay offers proprietary, customized fitness offerings influenced by the science of athletic performance and strength conditioning. Body Architects utilize cutting edge training methods and technical analysis to support your individual fitness goals.

Wellness Programming

A schedule of dynamic classes are offered throughout the week as group and private sessions. Enjoy color therapy, vibrational sound healing, our outdoor albizia jungle gym, Anatomy Fitness Center, guided hikes, and more.

Healthy Dining

Nourish your mind and body with fresh, local, and sustainable farm-to-table cuisine, showcasing ingredients from our on-site organic garden apiary, neighboring farms, and local fishers. From house made syrups and zero-proof cocktails, to farm-forward signature menus and nutrient rich preparations, our seven restaurants and bars offer a selection of offerings to support a lifestyle rooted in health and well-being.

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