Build Your Bioactive Terrarium

Jul 16  | 12pm - 2pm  | Garden Pavilion

Spend a Saturday afternoon with us and build a beautiful terrarium amid the lush greenery in 1 Hotel Toronto's Garden Pavilion and find yourself at one with nature. Participants will be provided with instructions and materials required to create a small bioactive jar terrarium. The vessel will be planted with humidity-loving tropical cuttings which will grow forever in the environment you created for them. The result will be a unique piece of living art and can last for years with no maintenance.

Refreshing farm-to-table bites and refreshments will be provided.

Tickets are $30/person and each guest will walk away with their own terrarium made with love and nature at the forefront.

About The Hidden Path

The Hidden Path is a plant and curiosity shop founded in 2019. They offer a curated selection of rare plants and natural history oddities, as well as custom enclosures for reptiles and amphibians, small sealed desktop terrariums, potted house plants and more. They can be found online at www.thehiddenpath.ca, on Instagram @_thehiddenpath and at pop-ups around the GTA each month.