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Mayfair - Now Open

3 Berkeley Street, London

Welcome to your London retreat, nestled in the heart of London's iconic Mayfair district surrounded by the vibrant natural beauty of numerous Royal Parks and the unparalleled history of world-renowned museums, galleries, and theatres. Our sustainable sanctuary echoes the tale of a stunning cityscape uniquely graced by nature's boundless wonder.

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"Sandy hues and creamy tones come in the form of linen-covered cushions, soft furnishings and oak flooring, and each room has a living moss wall, further emphasising the hotel’s dedication to bringing the outdoors inside."
- Condé Nast Traveller

Nature is Home in Mayfair

London, the capital of both England and the UK, includes 1,579 square km (610 sq. mi) of bustling cityscape juxtaposed with thousands of acres of green parks and hundreds of kilometers of flowing water. The magnificent River Thames flows through the middle of the city, offering beautiful sights and playing a central role in its history and economy.


Mayfair puts on a beautiful show as the seasons change with mild winters, vibrant springs, temperate summers, and amber autumns. The average daytime temperature is 52 °F (11 °C) in January and 65 °F (18 °C) in July. The city is also famous for its dramatic cloudy skies and average annual rainfall of 23 inches (585 mm). Even during the clearest month of the year, July, it’s cloudy over 50% of the time. During its cloudiest month, December, you can expect clouds or overcast over 70% of the time.


Throughout the city itself, you can expect to cross paths with a wide variety of trees such as mimosas, redwoods, birch trees, London planes, nettle trees, and beyond. In the spring and summertime, you can stroll through fields of bluebells and fresh lavender. In London’s green spaces, you can expect to see long stretches of verdant grasslands, thousands of ancient trees, and vibrant wildflower meadows, providing a lush home for countless pollinator and wildlife species.


Don’t be fooled by its urban aesthetic, this city is home to over 5,000 species of wildlife. Strolling through the avenues, you can expect to see a vast array of birds — from peregrine falcons soaring through the air to swans floating through the canal. London’s green spaces are also home to deer, foxes, bats, squirrels, hedgehogs, and many more.

Natural Attractions

Eight Royal Parks cover nearly 40% of the city — Green Park, St. James’ Park, Hyde Park, Bushy Park, Richmond Park, Regent’s Park, Greenwich Park, and Kensington Gardens. 1 Hotel Mayfair is the perfect place to begin exploring these green spaces, as it’s nestled near Green Park, St. James’ Park, and Hyde Park. In addition to the parks, one of London’s greatest natural attractions is the River Thames, which beautifully and effortlessly interrupts its concrete surroundings.


London takes great pride in leading the UK in the fight against climate change with its ambitious goal towards net zero emissions by 2030, and the 2021 Energy Monitoring Report revealed great progress. The Royal Parks charity also launched a Biodiversity Framework in 2021, outlining ways to make the parks healthier and more resilient to climate change, acknowledging the vast benefits these parks provide for both people and wildlife. On top of this, the city maintains one of the greatest green public transportation networks in the world and remains a world leader in green building construction.

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1 Hotel Mayfair

3 Berkeley Street
London, United Kingdom

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Located on the corner of Berkeley Street and Piccadilly, the hotel is just a stone’s throw from Green Park and Berkeley Square in central London’s prestigious neighbourhood, Mayfair.