Ethos Remote

Discover Ethos Remote with a ten-day getaway at our West Hollywood sustainable sanctuary, April 30 - May 9. Live, work, and reconnect to yourself, nature and community.

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Ethos Remote is collaborating with 1 Hotels to host a gathering of forward-looking entrepreneurs, executives, and investors that want to experience the future of remote work.

For anyone that runs a company or a team, Ethos Remote enables you to bring them to live and work remotely in beautiful locations.

Ethos Remote is inviting you to experience first-hand what it feels like to live and work while attending a unique revitalization program for mind and body wellness while establishing deep human connections with amazing and inspiring people.

Come and experience 10 days of the future of remote work in an untethered home for newly forming and borderless organizations carrying out and living a shared vision of the world where their employees can work more effectively from anywhere, at a distance.

We believe holistic wellbeing and human connection are the keys to productive and healthy living.

April 30 - May 9

8-10 days

For: founders and CEOs, investors, executives and employees, heads of HR, mavericks, pioneers, and team managers

Starting at $550/night incl. taxes and fees ($3,750 in savings)

Includes among many others:
• Accommodation
• WiFi + private and public workspaces
• Three meals and drinks (non-alcoholic) 
• Programming and events
• Cleaning
• Special 1 Hotel x Ethos Remote rate

Limited spots available

Pets welcome

1 Hotel West Hollywood Studio Suite