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Espresso Martini at Terrene

Mindful Mixology Masterclass - 818 Tequila

April 18
6pm - 7pm
1 Kitchen

Indulge with intention during an hour-long mindful mixology class in partnership with 818 Tequila, giving you the space and guidance to craft delicious sustainable sips. From a spicy margarita that uses the entirety of the lime to an espresso martini handcrafted with spent espresso syrup, discover just how far each individual ingredient can take you. This class is all about slowing down, savoring each ingredient, and using it to its full potential—an ethos that aligns beautifully with that of 818 Tequila. From their 100% recycled bottles to their handpicked, oak-aged ingredients, 818 Tequila honors and savors every step of the process.