The Juice Bar

Fresh organic smoothies
-Sprouting Soon-

Daily wellness support, pre- and post-workout fuel, and energizing smoothies to power your next adventure. A selection of cold-pressed juices made with locally sourced, nutrient-rich ingredients from our partners at Kauai Juice Co., coffee and tea from Hanalei Coffee Roasters, plus signature kombuchas and wellness elixirs curated with your optimal health in mind.


Daily | 6am - 4pm

Meet Our Local Purveyors

Supporting local farmers and growers is essential to our sustainability efforts. Our island purveyors provide us with the freshest ethically sourced ingredients to ensure a mindful experience.

Kauai Juice Co
Hanalei Coffee Roasters
Hobbs Tea
Manoa Chocolate
McPhee's Bees
Sol Remedies
Laird Superfood

Kauai Juice Co