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View of the Brooklyn Bridge through the tree tops

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn, NY

60 Furman Street

Welcome to your Brooklyn Bridge waterfront retreat, with sweeping views of the East River and Manhattan skyline, and interiors featuring native greenery and reclaimed materials.


Chef Dan Churchill is taking over the kitchen of The Osprey for the next three months, spicing things up with a unique, innovative, and immersive culinary experience that showcases his Australian heritage and mission-driven methods.

Honor Mother Earth with Nature-inspired Events in the heart of Brooklyn

As the world unites to celebrate Earth Month, we hope the collective energy empowers you to explore unique ways to honor the planet and immerse yourself in its infinite beauty. We invite you to embrace a sustainability journey that speaks to you, sparks your soul, and inspires you to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

A Night of Natural Nourishment

Join us for an unforgettable evening of culinary delight and empowering conversation with a Supper That Sustains Us, hosted by Peloton’s Kendall Toole and our very own Chef Dan Churchill.

Craft Sips that Tell a Story

Indulge with intention during a special Earth Month mindful mixology class with 818 Tequila, an award-winning brand that savors the process, uses 100% recycled bottles, and celebrates oak aged ingredients. 

Bags for A Better Future

To celebrate Earth Month, we’re teaming up with ANYBAG to tackle plastic pollution. Support their incredible mission by dropping soft plastics into our lobby collection bin all month.

Breathe Life Into Your Space

Stop by KINKA’s succulent sanctuary, where each potted plant celebrates diverse cultures and creativity. Grab a succulent to liven up your space and turn your winter blues into fresh green hues.

Nature is Home in Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge Park brings 85 acres of rich ecology, verdant vistas, growing trees, and vibrant flora alongside the East River waterfront. Occupying a space that once operated as a bustling transportation terminal, the sustainable park brings a refreshing touch of nature to an industrial-oriented borough brimming with concrete buildings.


Brooklyn typically experiences cold, wet winters and hot, humid summers. While winters are consistently chilly, spring, summer, and fall can be somewhat unpredictable. Spring and fall weather can flip on a dime with considerable day-to-day variability, while average summer temperatures hover around 75°F (but can push as high as 100°F). It’s a perfect place to witness the vibrant colors and changing temperatures of the passing seasons.


With over 12,000 species of plants and wildlife and 3,000 trees in the Brooklyn Bridge Park, admire the vibrant native flora such as the New York Aster, Blue Flag Iris, Redbud, Wild Geranium, and so many more. Stroll alongside the gorgeous young River Birch, Redwood, and Sweetbay Magnolia trees and relax on lush lawns—all managed organically through extensive irrigation systems. We’re proud to contribute to the park’s irrigation practices through our rainwater collection system at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge.


Brooklyn Bridge Park is home to spectacular pollinators and diverse woodland fauna—from butterflies, bees, and birds to squirrels, opossums, and bats. You might be surprised to find that animals such as crabs, seahorses, shrimp, and jellyfish live in the East River as incredible birds such as Blue Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, and American Oystercatchers fly above it. Estuary experts name Brooklyn Bridge Park a bird watcher's paradise.

Natural Attractions

In addition to Brooklyn Bridge Park and the East River, explore the natural beauty of Brooklyn at Prospect Park, Brighton Beach, and Botanic Gardens. With over 500 acres, Prospect Park is home to countless bird and tree species—particularly stunning in autumn. Brighton Beach offers a change of scenery with plenty of room to swim and sunbathe while the Brooklyn Botanic Garden boasts a lush oasis of native flora and fauna, a Japanese Garden pond, and so much more.


Brooklyn’s sustainability efforts continue to bloom. As the Brooklyn Bridge Park occupies an old trade terminal and the Brooklyn Botanical Garden gives new life to a marshy wasteland—the borough has been building sustainable spaces for decades. Brooklynites are particularly proud of the area’s sustainable irrigation systems, pesticide-free lawns, and growing sustainability initiatives—gathering beekeepers, builders, and passionate community members to transform underused brownfields, lots, roofs, and beyond into luscious green spaces that will be sustainably and lovingly maintained for years to come.

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1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
60 Furman Street
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Located at Pier 1 on Brooklyn Bridge Park, just south of the iconic bridge in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood and minutes from downtown Manhattan.

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