Guest Rooms at a Glance

 What is the circle outside of my door for?

DND (do not disturb) Light: On the black wall panel immediately when you enter your guest room, you will see a button with a picture of a person. If the circle is green (indicating service is requested), our housekeeping team will make sure your room is serviced.

If you wish to not be disturbed, simply select the button located directly below (bell with a line through it.) The circle will light up red, indicating you would not like to have your room serviced or be disturbed while the red light is on. If you would like something delivered to the room, please ensure the light is either off or green so we are able to enter your guest room.


What is the rock in my room?

Privacy Stone: This will serve as a secondary option to the DND light on the outside of your door. If you would like your room serviced for the day simply place the rock outside of your door with “Now” facing up for housekeeping to see. If you would like not to be disturbed simply place it with the “Not Now” facing up for housekeeping to see and we will not disturb you.  


Why is the robe placed on my bed when we returned to our room?

Our property provides turndown service in the evening in addition to daily stayover service. Our Housekeeping team wants to ensure you come back after a long day to have your room refreshed and ready to unwind for the evening. Robes and slippers laid out, trash removed, beds freshened up and lights to set the mood for the evening.  


Do we have a Hair Dryer in the room?

Our hair dryers are located in the vanity pull out drawer in standard guest rooms next to the mini fridge and located in the closets of our suites.  


Are we able to play apps from our phones to the T.V.? 

Yes, our T.Vs. allow all casting and streaming.  The first channel that comes up is 0 (welcome/intro) channel. If you click channel down it will bring you to channel 98 (casting channel) with instructions on how to connect to the T.V. (connect to 1 Hotels wifi, scan the Q.R. code on the screen or go to website prompted “” and enter the code provided on screen, cast from your favorite apps or airplay.)


Where can I can get ice for my room?

As our guest, you are here to relax and unwind while we do all the work! If you have our 1 Hotels app downloaded, you would navigate to the “my stay” icon. Once selected, select “service requests” followed by “Ice Request.” From there, enter your last name and room number and we will get it up to your room shortly!  

For those without the app downloaded, please dial 0 on your in-room phone and our team would be happy to assist.


How do I work the coffee maker?

In the back of the machine is a container you fill with water. Once filled, lift the silver handle on the top of the machine that will open a slot to enter the Nespresso Pod, close the container with the pod inserted and hit the button that looks like a coffee cup. This will start the Nespresso making process!  


How do I work the thermostat?

When you enter your guest room, the thermostat will be located on a digital black panel on the wall. You will see a fan speed button, heat and cool mode button, and up and down arrows to change the temperature. Select the mode you would like between heat and cool followed by the up and down arrows to select the desired temperature.


Where are the spa and fitness center located?

Bamford Wellness Spa and Anatomy Fitness Center are located on our 4th floor. You will need your guest room key to access the elevator and to enter Anatomy fitness center.  


What are your food and beverage hours of operation?

Neighbors: Open daily from 7am to 4pm 

1 Kitchen: Open daily from 8am to 10pm | Brunch Sat & Sun 9am to 2pm

1 Kitchen Bar: Open daily from 4pm to 11pm | Weekday Golden Hour from 4pm to 6pm

In-Room Dining: Daily 7am-10pm  

Harriet’s Rooftop: Tuesday-Thursday 5p-12a. Friday and Saturday 5p-2a 


How do I change from the rainfall to handheld shower?

The knob to change from rainfall to handheld shower is located above the temperature control. When you pull it out, the rainfall will turn on, if you push it back in, the handheld shower option will turn on.


How do I control the bathtub in our room?

One Bedroom Jr. Suites: The control for hot water is on the left and cold water is on the right

Panoramic One Bedroom Suites: There is a bathtub feature and a handheld wand feature. Hot water control is on the left and cold water is on the right. In between both controls is a handle you can turn left or right. Left will open the bathtub faucet and when turned right, the handheld wand will turn on.  


Where is the mini bar located?

Mini bar is located under the water filter tap in each room.


Where is the safe located?

Your safe is in the closet and available for use throughout the stay! If you need any assistance with this, please dial 0 on your in-room phone and we will send our engineering team right away.


What is the casting channel on the T.V.?

From the startup screen, hit channel down on your remote and this should take you to channel 98 where are casting menu is located with instructions.


What is the filtered water filter?

The water tap in your guest room is filtered for you to enjoy complimentary throughout your stay. 


Where is the In Room Dining Menu?

On our 1 Hotels app, select the Nashville location, scroll down and find the “In Room Dining” button. Then, select the mobile ordering button menu for itemized list and prices.

For those without the 1 Hotels app downloaded, you are also able to scan the Q.R. code located below the Nespresso machine in your guest room.