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Discover the sustainability story behind our sanctuary. Discover our Sustainability Story
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At 1 Hotel Nashville, you’ll find the perfect balance between the healing touch of nature and the invigorating energy of city living. You’ll know you’ve reached our urban sanctuary as soon as you see the ivy façade, boasting 56,000 individual English ivy plants—the largest green wall in all of Nashville. Step inside and settle into your space that pays homage to the Cumberland River Valley’s lush valleys, tobacco barns, and verdant banks, with details mimicking flood lines and tidal marks.

Our Highlights

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LEED Certified

This LEED Silver Certified urban oasis is optimized for energy efficiency and powered by sustainable systems such as mercury-free LED lighting, high-performance insulation, ENERGY STAR certified mechanical equipment, HVAC systems with energy recovery, and advanced monitoring. 

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Carbon Neutral

In line with all of our US properties, 1 Hotel Nashville is 100% Certified Carbon Neutral.

View of the 1 Hotels Nashivlle Facade looking upwards

CO2 Offsets

When completed, 54,000 ivy plants will blanket our Nashville sanctuary—1,000 linear feet of draped ivy working diligently to capture CO2, absorb airborne particulates, mitigate heat from the sidewalks and streets, reduce bouncing street noise, and generate fresh oxygen for the surrounding cityscape. We work to further offset our carbon emissions through waste diversion practices, advanced monitoring and metrics, and global carbon offset projects.

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Supporting Causes that Matter

Whether that’s directly supporting our amazing non-profit partners through charitable events, providing a stage for blossoming local talent, or using our platform to raise awareness and ignite positive change, we’re committed to honoring and uplifting the planet, people, and culture in the places we call home.

Our Pillars

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Protecting Our 1 World


Nestled in the heart of Nashville, our sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to get closer to nature in Music City. When you’re not adventuring through the city’s own natural attractions, relax inside amid the luscious greenery, reclaimed oak, woven rope, and thoughtful touches that tie this sanctuary to its local roots.

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Supporting Our People & Communities

People & Equity

Our people are our most precious assets. From design & construction to operations to partnerships, we’re committed to keeping Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the forefront of our hearts and minds, cultivating diverse teams that honor Nashville’s culture, promote its prosperity, and uplift its communities.

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Growing Mindfully & Transparently


1 Hotel Nashville is living proof that luxury hospitality, city living, and sustainability can exist in harmony. In just one year, we’ve achieved a 28% reduction in energy costs, reduced carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 400 metric tons, and saved 4.3 million gallons of water—allowing us to remain true to our mission and reduce our impact on the environment as we grow.

Your Favorite Moments