Earth Day Every Day

At 1 Hotels, Earth Day is every day. In ways both big and small, we want to celebrate nature, and inspire conversation and action around the preservation of our planet earth.

After all, we only have 1.

Sunset over the ocean

Take a Stand: End Plastic Pollution

Every human being on earth depends on the oceans, and right now the future of our oceans depends on us making a change. Join us in standing up to save our shores in 2018.


This Earth Day, join us for Dinner in the Dark at Jams. We're lowering the lights and lighting candles to celebrate Earth Day and raise awareness for a more sustainable and responsible future.


April 22nd  |  5:30PM - Close

1Hotel Central Park exterior with greenery
A glass beaker and test tube with water and plants inside them.

March For Science

A Look Back

Members of the 1 Hotels team ventured to Washington, D.C. to join fellow Earth advocates for the 2nd annual March for Science. We marched to show our united support for the environment. We’re proud to have a team of advocates taking a stance on issues that affect the Earth.