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Discover what's happening at our favorite spots in the neighborhood and what's on the event calendar at 1 Hotel Central Park.

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Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Central Park

Museum of Modern Art

Daily - 10:30am to 5:30pm

Indulge your passion for arts at the Museum of Modern Arts. Only 6 blocks away from 1 Hotel Central Park, be sure to stop by on your next trip.

Central Park in spring
Central Park

The High Line

Daily - 7am to 7pm

Walk through gardens on an elevated rail line, reimagined and redesigned as The High Line. Make sure to reserve your complimentary time slots when visiting.

Central Park
Central Park

Central Park Conservancy

Daily - Dusk to Dawn

Explore the different things to do at Central Park with the Conservancy. The Conservancy provides daily, seasonal, and holiday events, educational opportunities and more.

Central Park
Central Park

Top of The Rockefeller

Capture the views of the Manhattan Skyline from the Top of the Rock. Book your stay with 2 complimentary tickets with our City Explorer package now.

Central Park in spring
Central Park

Official Central Park Tours

Learn the story of the Park's history, design, and ecology, and get an insider's look at the world's greatest urban park.