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Sound Baths with Nicole

Soul Renewing Sound Bath

Sept 28th
Blue Wood Aster

Lie back, take a breath, and let it all go. Allow Nicole Motter, renowned sound bath practitioner (@nicolemotternyc), to lead you through this truly unique and truly accessible sound bath experience. Ground back into your body, clear your mind and heart, and let your spirit soar. 

As the sounds of the bowls bring you into a state of deep relaxation, your body will begin to clear away stress, worry, and that constant feeling of needing to “do”. You’ll create space for your energy to naturally realign. And you’ll leave feeling more like yourself than you have in a very long time. 

With the bowls themselves made of ultra pure quartz—a super amplifier—and uniquely infused with gemstones and crystals that resonate the properties and benefits of those elements as well, you're in for a luxe experience you can't get anywhere else

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