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Situated on the Embarcadero, 1 Hotel San Francisco is naturally interwoven into the city that surrounds one of the world’s most breathtaking bays. Decorated with native greenery, reclaimed wood, exposed brick, warm terracotta accents, organic fibers, and elemental stones—the hotel’s interior allows for uninterrupted exposure to the soothing capacities of nature while preserving the area’s unique urban ecology and harbor history.


LEED Certified

Equipped with state-of-the-art energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, this urban oasis is on track to become operationally LEED Certified.

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CO2 Offsets

From our advanced, real-time energy monitoring systems to our True Zero Waste food management operations, we’re committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from every angle. We work to further offset our carbon emissions through green transportation options, intentional insulation, building design, and global carbon offset projects.

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Supporting Causes That Matter

Whether that’s directly supporting our amazing non-profit partners through charitable events or using our platform to raise awareness and ignite positive change, we’re committed to honoring and uplifting the planet, people, and culture in the places we call home.

Our Pillars


Protecting Our 1 World

Located on the Embarcadero waterfront, 1 Hotel San Francisco offers a unique opportunity to get closer to nature in the heart of the city. Relax and enjoy the luscious greenery, organic materials, seasonal ingredients, and zero-waste methods that make this sanctuary home—while honoring the natural world.

People & Equity

Supporting Our People & Communities

Creating a culture of inclusivity is our responsibility as human beings—to each other, and to the beautiful world we share. We stand together in our pledge to grow diverse and equitable representation for everyone in our growing community of team members, guests, and partners.


Growing Mindfully & Transparently

1 Hotel San Francisco is living proof that luxury hospitality, city living, and sustainability can exist in harmony. We look forward to reflecting on its efficient systems and practices as we collect data regarding carbon emissions, energy consumption, water stewardship, waste diversion, equity, biodiversity, and beyond.

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