Rooftop Pool

The rooftop pool is open daily from 7am - 7pm.

Harriet's Rooftop F&B


Daily | 7am – 7pm

Pool use for hotel guests only.  Reservations required.  Hotel guests may book directly through booking link sent in room confirmation email.

Pool Rules

Open daily 7am - 7pm.

Hotel guests only.

Reservations required 10am - 7pm daily.

Reservation time 2 hours maximum.

1 reservation allotted per hotel guest per day.

No pets permitted on pool deck.

iPhone photography only. 

No Smoking.

No outside food or drink beginning 10am daily.

Bathing suits must be worn on the deck and in the pool.

Eating and drinking is permitted only in designated areas.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Rooftop Pool