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Our sustainable retreats open a world where the desire for rest and adventure exist in harmony.

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From daylife to nightlife, join us to explore nature, savor local flavors, cultivate well-being, and do all the good we can.


Tuning Inward: Kanekshun’s Multisensory Rituals for National Wellness Month

Celebrate Wellness Month by integrating energy-cleansing wellness rituals explained by 1 Hotel South...
Sustainability Wellness

London’s Green Gems: Exploring the City’s Serene Side with Bamford

Located in the heart of London among three magnificent parks, 1 Hotel Mayfair blooms this July and...
Sustainability Wellness

Radiate Naturally: The Profound Positive Impacts of Whole-Plant Skincare

April Gargiulo, Founder of Vintner's Daughter, shares the philosophy, inspiration, and careful...

Surf With a Legend: Learning How to Ride Life’s Waves With Bill Hamilton

Legendary Kauaʻi surfer and shaper Bill Hamilton shares his insights and inspirations, as well as...

Rituals Over Resolutions: Expert Advice for Sustainable Wellness Goals

Another new year, another opportunity to start fresh. We invite you to cultivate holistic wellness...

Going Deep (Tissue) with Bamford on the Power of Massage

Massage treatments are often sought as a remedy for physical discomfort, but is there more to the...
Nature Wellness

How Nature Can Nurture Your Mental Well-being

In honor of World Mental Health Day, we’re highlighting nature’s unique potential to improve your...

How to Cultivate Holistic Well-being with Advice from TRILUNA

In line with our vision, TRILUNA takes a holistic approach to wellness. Wellness is not a diet or a...

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling with Tips from the HigherDOSE Founders

HigherDOSE is a first-of-its-kind wellness brand on a mission to ignite vitality from the inside out...

How to Ease Into Meditation and Cultivate the Countless Benefits of This Mindfulness Practice

Our meditation experts in South Beach and Toronto share digestible tips, so you can infuse a...

Amplifying Music’s Pivotal Role in the World of Wellness

From singing birds to meditative beats to motivating playlists, there’s no doubt that music plays a...

Inge Theron, Founder of FaceGym, on Leading the Performance Skincare Movement

FaceGym is quite literally a skincare movement. We’re sitting down with Founder Inge Theron to...