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Our sustainable retreats open a world where the desire for rest and adventure exist in harmony.


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From daylife to nightlife, join us to explore nature, savor local flavors, cultivate well-being, and do all the good we can.


Surf With a Legend: Learning How to Ride Life’s Waves With Bill Hamilton

Legendary Kauaʻi surfer and shaper Bill Hamilton shares his insights and inspirations, as well as...
Our People   

Women's March: Celebrating a Month Dedicated to Spotlighting Strong Women

We’re honoring Women’s History Month by sharing conversations with some of the incredible women of 1...
1 Promise  |  Environment  |  Intersectionality   

Celebrating the Incredible Impacts That Can Unfold in Just One Year as an E2 Fellow

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2. We’re thrilled to introduce...

Turning the Tables With Anderson .Paak: How Nature Inspires His Music and Mission

At the exclusive grand opening of Harriet’s Nashville, Anderson Paak’s all-vinyl DJ sets inspired an...
Designed by Nature  |  Environment   

Planting the Seed of Adventure: Your Guide to the Native Plants and Natural Wonders of Kauaʻi

Get closer to nature in the stunning setting of Kauaʻi with our Daylife adventure guide and a list...
Ingredients First   

Get a Taste of Our Newest Oasis: Menus Inspired by the Rich Cultures and Landscapes of Hawai‘i

Featuring fresh, local, and sustainably sourced ingredients, the menus at 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay...
Designed by Nature   

How Plant the Future Is Blazing a (Lush) Trail in the World of Biophilic Design

Paloma Teppa, Founder and Creative Director of Plant the Future, explains their mission, inspiration...

Rituals Over Resolutions: Expert Advice for Sustainable Wellness Goals

Another new year, another opportunity to start fresh. We invite you to cultivate holistic wellness...
Designed by Nature   

Settle into Ethereal Comfort in Kauaʻi with Elemental Design That Emulates the Land

World-renowned interior designer Nicole Hollis discusses blurring the lines between interior and...
1 Promise  |  Climate  |  Environment   

Accelerating the Drive Towards Zero Emissions: Expert Insights from Audi's Director of Government Affairs & Sustainability

Audi of America’s Director of Government Affairs & Sustainability, Spencer Reeder, is also a climate...

From Bottles to Beachwear: Fair Harbor on Sustainable Swimwear & Our Exclusive Collection Collaboration

In celebration of our newest exclusive collection of Fair Harbor swimwear, we sat down with their co...
1 Promise   

That's a Wrap: Our Favorite Sustainable Gifts for the Holiday Season

As the year comes to a close and we reach a time of reflection, we choose to express gratitude for...

Going Deep (Tissue) with Bamford on the Power of Massage

Massage treatments are often sought as a remedy for physical discomfort, but is there more to the...
Ingredients First  |  Our People   

Cooking Up Gratitude: Our Chefs’ Thanksgiving Recipes and Traditions

As we enter the holiday season, we’re feeling thank-full and highlighting some of the ways our chefs...

How Tarform Is Driving Positive Change in the World of Green Transportation

We sat down with Taras Kravtchouk, founder of sustainable electric motorcycle company Tarform, to...