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Meaningful Meetings: Bringing Mindfulness To The Boardroom

Get focused. Get centered. Get creative. Pick the approach that’s best for you and your team, and join us to experience Meaningful Meetings – a newly-launched program based on mindfulness that’s designed to transform the way we approach meetings.

Published on: April 03, 2017
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Get focused. Get centered. Get creative.

Pick the approach that’s best for you and your team, and join us to experience Meaningful Meetings – a newly-launched program based on mindfulness that’s designed to transform that way we approach meetings.

Kane Sarhan, VP of Brand for 1 Hotels, has the inside scoop: “Meaningful Meetings was born as a result of us observing the amazing way companies like Google, General Mills and Holstee conduct their internal meetings, and a desire to develop a program that completely changes the meetings experience for our guests. This is just another example of how the 1 Hotels brand is providing its guests with inspirational and thoughtful experiences.” 

Understanding that everyone’s needs and goals for a meeting are different, we’ve launched this program at 1 Hotel Central Park with offerings for three types of meetings:  Zen, Creative, and Focused.

In collaboration with Holstee, we’ve come up tips and tools for each type of experience. Use our custom Focus Notebooks, creative constraint dice, Decision Maker sign, and other carefully curated tools to approach holding meetings in a new, more meaningful way. At the start of every Meaningful Meeting, check-in your phone to our “phone booth” charging station to limit distraction, utilize our break timers to keep you on track, move around and stretch on a regular break schedule to sustain your group’s energy, stay hydrated with Chia-infused water and other beverages as part of our Hydration Stations, and enjoy snacks that are known to support brain function, like walnuts, almonds and blueberries.

To bring your experience full circle, Meaningful Meetings include digital guided “welcome” opening and “gratitude” closing meditations for all sessions, led by our in-house meditation leader, Biet Simkin. Opt for a longer-form guided meditation break with Simkin through our Zen Meetings programming if your team needs some extra help finding their center. 

Join us for your next meeting at 1 Hotel Central Park to experience Meaningful Meetings (and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge and 1 Hotel South Beach in the near future) and let us help you make the most of your next meeting – whatever your goals may be. 

Learn more here.  

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