Dogs Of 1 Hotels : Part Two

Published on: August 26, 2017

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Dog at the 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Have you ever wondered why 1 Hotels are so dog-friendly? Well we know your dogs are part of the family and we would never ask you leave a family member behind. At 1 Hotels your furry ones are welcome, free of charge! 

Not only do we love your dogs, we also really love our dogs! Sometimes we even bring them to work. You may have already seen some of them at or on our social media channels, since most of our pup models are actually our very own — paid in healthy treats, of course! We would like to introduce you to some our own furry family that provides us with so much love and happiness on a daily basis.


Bear, Chihuahua/Mini Pinscher Mix | 3 Years Old (Left) And Monkey, Chihuahua | 7 Years Old (Right)


Meet Monkey and Bear, whose mom Jeanette is the Director of Sales and Marketing at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. Monkey and Bear were both rescued in Cleveland which makes them native Clevelanders. The best way to get their attention is by having some apples for Monkey and a bone for Bear, but they would probably cuddle you for free anyway. Their favorite #DayLife activity is sunbathing.


Waffles “Weezy”, French Bulldog | 9 Months


 Waffles “Weezy” is one of the younger 1 Hotels Pups! His dad Kevin is the Night Manager at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge and also the photographer for his instagram account @Monsieur_weezy. Weezy’s favorite #daylife activity is chasing his dad while he skateboards, they call it “puppy surfing”. Advocate for Apple slices.


Gypsy Kelly-Mulholland, Beagle/Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix | 10 Years


Gypsy was found on the Upper East Side after she escaped the vet where she lived as a rescue. Her favorite things are cuddles with her mom Megan who is the Director of Marketing at 1 Hotel Central Park & 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridgeand imitation crab meat(it’s her prerogative!). Gypsy loves chasing the balls when her mom Ellen plays tennis, sometimes she brings the balls back and sometimes she doesn’t..


Diego Paco Mercado da Cruz “Little”, Boxer/American Bulldog Mix | 6 Years


Little is the ultimate beach life companion. He loves to dig for crabs in the sand at the beach and go for rides with the top down alongside his dad Reo who is a Guest Services Manager at 1 Hotel South Beach. Reo considers Little to be his healer and the most compassionate being he’s ever known. Lover of baby carrots and scrambled eggs!


Luna Oreo Auston, Staffordshire Terrier | 9 Months


Luna lives in the South Beach sun, but loves laying on a daybed in the shade at the beach. Her favorite snack is vegan non-rawhide bones, she’s a young pup with grown up taste! She loves lounging on the couch and watching TV with her dad James who is the Director of Day/Night Life at 1 Hotel South Beach.


Lily, Maltese | 13 Years


This perfectly groomed and dressed pup is named Lily. Lily, a former Alabama native is now a citizen of the world having traveled to the UK, France, Guatemala and Mexico with her father Roy. Lily and Roy are loyal guests and honorary 1 Hotels family members due to their frequent visits to see good friends at 1 Hotel South Beach. Lily can’t wait for more 1 hotels to open around the world so that she can enjoy her favorite…late night room service! 


Maximo, Chow Chow | 2 Years


Maximo is only two years old, but his mom Radaisy who is a Guest Service Agent at 1 Hotel Central Park says he reminds her of a grumpy yet lovable old man. He is the protective grumpy grandpa that guards the front door and huffs and puffs when someone walks by. Maximo is not a fan of strangers touching his hair, but loves playing with other pups. He may like you more if you have steak or chicken.


(L-R): Barkley, Buddy And Bugsy,  Yorkies | 1 Year, 2 Years, 2 Years


Barkley, Buddy and Bugsy go way back! Buddy is Bugsy’s brother and Bugsy is Barkley’s dad . Their mom Aimee who is an Office Manager at 1 Hotel Central Park is lucky enough to have triple the Yorkie love on a daily basis. Aimee says the best way to tell them all apart is by paying attention to their ears!


Thank you for allowing us to introduce you to some our most loved family members. 1 Hotels wishes all of our furry friends the happiest National Dog, give your pup an extra treat or three today! 

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