Weekly Roundup: 10 Links We Love

Published on: May 20, 2016

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smoothie bowl with strawberries, bananas, and blue berries


1. Ten ways to be a green traveler, even if you love to fly.

The wing of an airplane in a blue and pink sky

2. Amazing vegetarian restaurants to check out in Miami.

Several white cups filled with different vegetarian ingredients

3. Get a refresher course on recycling.

A blue and black globe made from crumpled paper

4. Give your cleaning routine a jumpstart with these professional spring cleaning tips.

A living room with two dresses hanging in windows next to a cactus terrarium

5. Find out the buzzworthy health benefits of honey.

A close-up of bees on a honey comb

6. Eat up: it’s not your fault you love ice cream so much.

Green ice cream in a cone with sprinkles, smushed into a white surface

7. Follow these Snapchat accounts to fuel your wanderlust.

The white SnapChat ghost with yellow background

8. Find out how we celebrated Earth Day with good #1ntentions.

A potted tree decorated with ribbons and paper

9. Make better smoothies with this layering guide.

Several glass cups filled with different smoothie ingredients

10. Learn to make natural perfume at a bespoke perfume workshop in Brooklyn.

A woman mixing different herbs and spices from jars

To minimize the use of plastic in your own life, look around your home and work to identify plastic items. From there, seek to find alternatives.