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Weekly Roundup: 10 Links We Love

Weekly Roundup: 10 Links We Love

Published on: May 20, 2016
Smoothie Bowls

1. Ten ways to be a green traveler, even if you love to fly.

The wing of an airplane in a blue and pink sky

2. Amazing vegetarian restaurants to check out in Miami.

Several white cups filled with different vegetarian ingredients

3. Get a refresher course on recycling.

A blue and black globe made from crumpled paper
Photo via Danielle Beauchaine

4. Give your cleaning routine a jumpstart with these professional spring cleaning tips.

A living room with two dresses hanging in windows next to a cactus terrarium

5. Find out the buzzworthy health benefits of honey.

A close-up of bees on a honey comb

6. Eat up: it’s not your fault you love ice cream so much.

Green ice cream in a cone with sprinkles, smushed into a white surface

7. Follow these Snapchat accounts to fuel your wanderlust.

The white SnapChat ghost with yellow background

8. Find out how we celebrated Earth Day with good #1ntentions.

A potted tree decorated with ribbons and paper

9. Make better smoothies with this layering guide.

Several glass cups filled with different smoothie ingredients

10. Learn to make natural perfume at a bespoke perfume workshop in Brooklyn.

A woman mixing different herbs and spices from jars

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