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Turning the Tables With Anderson .Paak: How Nature Inspires His Music and Mission

At the exclusive grand opening of Harriet’s Nashville, Anderson Paak’s all-vinyl DJ sets inspired an electric night of dancing, connection, and celebration. Now, get to know the man behind the music.

Published on: February 06, 2023
Anderson Paak performing at Harriets in Nashville

Harriet’s Rooftop is officially home in Music City. Perched 19 stories above Nashville, this lively yet intimate space spotlights panoramic views of the city skyline, creative quenching beverages, asian-inspired cuisine, and diverse musical talent.

Who better to match Harriet’s eclectic energy than the one and only Anderson .Paak?

Anderson is an eight-time Grammy Award winner, producer, songwriter, artist, and director known for his unique sound that fuses R&B, hip hop, pop, soul, and funk—as well as his far-reaching impacts in the worlds of entertainment, social justice, and philanthropy.

At Harriet’s exclusive grand opening event, Anderson (aka DJ Pee Wee) performed all-vinyl DJ sets. His performance sent an invigorating wave of energy through the crowd—setting the stage for a perfect evening to commemorate our new roots in Nashville.

To learn more about the man behind the music, we sat down with Anderson to discuss all the people, places, and values that inspire his music, creativity, and charity. His deep respect for nature and desire to give back to the community beautifully aligns with our brand compass, and we’re honored that he played such a central role in getting the party started at Harriet’s Nashville.

An Inspiring Chat with Anderson .Paak

You performed at the grand opening of Harriet’s Nashville, in a city that’s traditionally known for country music. Can you tell us a little bit about the greats that inspired you throughout your musical journey?

I’m constantly inspired by Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, and Dr. Dre. Growing up around church and gospel music has also inspired my own music a lot.

You’re a musician, a father, a husband, a style icon, you’re making movies, and still find time to give back through .Paak House. What inspired you to start the foundation, and how does it help uplift youth?

When I was younger, I was exposed to the arts, which kept me out of trouble. So, I wanted a place where families and youth could be exposed to the arts in the same way that I was. It’s important for me to give that back to others now that I have a platform.

As you know, 1 Hotels are inspired by nature. What role does nature play in your life, and what elements within the sound of nature inspire you in your creative process?

I have a lot of respect for nature. I feel like we are a very small part of this world, and the more I see how small we are, it makes me realize how important it is that we give back to the planet. It’s all we have! Especially when I go surfing and I’m in the water, I see how powerful the ocean and weather are, and it makes me feel very humble.

Travel is an integral part of your lifestyle and career. Do you have any tips on how to travel more consciously, and how does 1 Hotels play a role in that?

Make sure you take your vitamins and develop a routine to stay healthy on the road. 1 Hotels makes me feel very comfortable no matter which location I stay at. There’s a consistency to 1 Hotels that I’ve found across the country while each being unique at the same time. They treat me like I’m very important to them. Their customer service is unmatched. 1 Hotels makes me feel at home while I’m away from home.

1 Hotels loves to align with masters of their craft, whether it’s within fashion, design, music, or makers. Who are some creative masters that have inspired you?

Prince, Pharrell, Kanye West, Grace Jones, and the greats that I mentioned earlier have inspired me to master my own craft.

Elevate Your Evening

Experience Nashville nightlife in a new light at Harriet’s, now open in the heart of Music City.

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