Ingredients First

Top 3 Burgers in NYC & Miami

A cheese burger loaded with tomato, lettuce, and red onion

Today is National Hamburger Day, a day celebrating America’s quintessential comfort food. Whether you are lounging in the Miami sun or roaming the streets of New York City, these burgers are sure to hit the spot!

1. Salvation Burger
salvation burger 2
Photo by @kathrynmichael

You’ll keep coming back for April Bloomfield’s Classic at Salvation Burger. With a double patty stack topped with special sauce, this burger is sure to rank high on your list.

2. Freud
freud burger
Photo by @freudnyc

Both hands are surely required to conquer this eight oz. burger from Freud. Chef Eduard Frauneder’s offers a short rib patty topped with farmhouse cheddar and onions all on a potato roll bun. Simply delicious!

3. Covina    
Photo by @covina_nyc

The Japanese influences are apparent in Covina’s burger. With wagyu beef and dashi pickles served with American cheese on a custom bun from baker Deanie Hickox, what’s not to love?!

Pro-tip: A sucker for Shake Shack? Stop by the chain’s Brooklyn location on Flatbush Ave to try the chicken sandwich (not available at any other stores!).

1. Swine Southern Table & Bar
swine burger
Photo by @swinesouthern

Pig out on Swine Southern’s Swine burger. This double patty burger comes packed with short rib, brisket, and smoked pork all sandwiched together with cheese, thick slices of bacon and the secret Swine sauce.

2. Kush
kush burger
Photo by @thehungryhunter

When taking in the vibrant art scene in Wynwood, be sure to stop Kush, the younger, edgier offshoot of Lokal, for the famed Lokal burger. This mouth-watering favorite starts with a patty made from Florida grass-fed beef and is topped off with Jack cheese, local tomatoes, avocado, sliced red onions, arugula, and honey mustard.

3.  Buns & Buns
Photo by @bunsandbuns

Buns & Buns’ signature burger, the Knife & Fork Burger, is aptly named. The 8oz certified Angus burger is a handful served with onions and a special sauce on a brioche bun. Put your own spin on this culinary adventure with added mushrooms, bacon, fontina, or a fried egg.