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Nature is our true north. Discover Our Sustainability Story
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Mother Nature Is Our Muse: Celebrating Our Sustainable Strides and Evolving Initiatives on Earth Day

Published on: April 19, 2024
Living Chandelier

As millions of people come together to honor and uplift our planet this Earth Day, we can’t help but feel deep gratitude for crossing paths with you. Whether you’ve been here since day 1 or recently joined our journey, your support means the world to us. While we can’t promise perfection, we can promise progress, transparency, and unforgettable moments of natural joy along the way.

2023 proved to be an inspiring and fulfilling year, marked by several meaningful, sustainable strides. From planet-first partnerships to improved tracking for energy, emissions, water, and waste across our properties, we laid the groundwork to blaze a lush trail forward. We celebrated the opening of our transformative wellness sanctuary on Hanalei Bay as well as our very first European location in London’s iconic Mayfair district. As we cultivate exciting plans to sprout new sanctuaries across the globe, we’re optimistic that the harmony we’ve built will continue to guide our growth.

In honor of Earth Day, join us in spotlighting some of the remarkable progress we’ve made for the planet—together.


Our energy conservation efforts are a pillar of our sustainability mission and a foundation of our architectural designs. For example, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is trapezoidal to maximize natural light, with sunshades to reduce heat buildup and minimize energy consumption, and 1 Hotel Mayfair was carefully built and refurbished from two existing buildings, reimagined to enhance energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. 1 Hotel Nashville features 1,000 linear feet of 56,000 ivy plants draped across 4 stories of the building’s façade, capturing CO2, absorbing airborne particulates, and mitigating heat from the sidewalks and streets.

What’s more, every 1 Hotel is either LEED Certified, BREEAM Certified, or actively pursuing certification. As the world’s most widely used and recognized building rating systems, both LEED and BREEAM use science-based frameworks to certify that our sanctuaries are healthy, highly efficient, and environmentally conscious.
We're driving sustainability forward with the official electric vehicle of 1 Hotels, the fully electric Audi e‑tron. Guests are welcome to enjoy the Audi Experience while taking advantage of the house car or test driving the e‑tron during stays across our locations in the US, Canada, and UK, or with specially curated excursions in the US and Canada.


Innovative water management strategies are vital to our operations. Each location incorporates low-flow fixtures and filtered taps in guestrooms, with cups and carafes upcycled from wine bottles. We also invite guests to engage with our thoughtful five-minute shower timers, a gentle reminder of the impact we can have on the world by conserving water. 

At 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay, our design philosophy embraces the natural landscape, ensuring that our presence enhances rather than disrupts the local ecosystem. By integrating a 7,400-gallon rainwater harvesting system, it saves about 3.5 million gallons of water each year. 

Similarly, 1 Hotel West Hollywood utilizes smart irrigation sensors to efficiently manage water use in landscaping, significantly reducing water waste​. These initiatives are part of our broader commitment to preserving our planet's most precious resources through thoughtful and innovative practices.

outdoor seating at night

Our journey towards sustainability is enriched through our partnerships focused on waste reduction and enhancing soil health. Every day, Americans waste enough food to fill a 90,000-seat football stadium to the top. Food waste is also responsible for an immense 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To combat this waste, we have partnered with Copia to donate over 25,450 pounds of food to more than twenty-five non-profits in our local communities in the US. Their team is on the frontlines of the hunger crisis, bridging the gap between those with excess food and those in the local community who need it most.

At 1 Hotels, we are dedicated to minimizing waste and phasing out single-use plastics across all our operations. We offer refillable and recyclable aluminum bottles and each step of our planning process for Certified Sustainable Gatherings, our first-of-its-kind event planning program, is intentionally designed to minimize waste. So far, we’re proud to share an average of 97% waste diversion by working with mindful caterers, decorators, mixologists and more.This is part of our broader goal to reach 90%  zero waste or waste diversion across all facets of our operations. 

1 Hotel Toronto is making strides and is on path to achieving a zero-waste certification in 2024, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge collaborates with Common Ground Compost, turning organic waste into nutrient-rich soil, and 1 Hotel San Francisco's sustainable cocktail program helps prevent food waste at every turn, repurposing spent citrus peels and coffee grounds to infuse liquors, garnish glasses, and batch cocktails. 

We also invite guests to donate gently used clothing through our "1 Less Thing" program. These donations are distributed among nine local charities, carefully chosen for their impactful work in the community. This initiative not only minimizes waste but also supports those in need, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to nurture both people and the planet. These initiatives not only reflect our commitment to the planet, but also demonstrate how collective action can lead to meaningful environmental stewardship.

Store displays with clothing and accessories

At 1 Hotels, our commitment to the environment shapes every experience we offer, evident in our celebrated "Supper That Sustains Us" events and "Mindful Mixology" sessions. Across 27 distinctive suppers and 24 mixology events, we have embraced sustainable food and beverage practices, focusing on local, seasonal produce and ethical sourcing. These gatherings are designed to not only engage and delight our guests but also to reinforce our core mission: to inspire mindful interactions with our environment, encouraging a collective commitment to sustainability. 

Our retail shop Goodthings offers a curated selection of planet-friendly favorites from our signature Kindling candle to our organic jersey knit robes, as well as our new loungewear collection, sustainably crafted in Los Angeles. Additionally, our second capsule collection with Fair Harbor features beachwear with designs that honor the planet’s vibrant color palettes, textural depth, and native flora, bringing you closer to nature every time you wear them. Over the last ten years, Fair Harbor has repurposed over 32 million plastic bottles through thoughtful design, and we’re proud that this collection continues to champion their cause.


Our sustainability journey is deeply intertwined with local partnerships. At 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, we not only repurpose shipping pallets and wood from the iconic Domino Sugar Factory but also ensure these efforts support local history and culture, showcasing the unique heritage of Brooklyn. Similarly, 1 Hotel Central Park brings together natural and urban environments with mushroom wood reclaimed from local mushroom growing facilities and terrariums created by New York artists, blending the city's artistic vibrancy with our sustainability ethos.

In the picturesque setting of Hanalei Bay, our sanctuary is a reimagined renovation of previous resorts, minimizing the need to build new infrastructure. Meanwhile, 1 Hotel San Francisco employs salvaged barn wood for the lobby floor and recycled rubber in its design, emphasizing our commitment to reduce waste where possible. Similarly, 1 Hotel Nashville uses local oak, reclaimed wood, and recycled HDPE to use what we already have. No matter where in the world, we look for ways to enrich and uplift the local community. 

Art Piece Delia

Our connection to nature extends into the realm of art. At 1 Hotel South Beach our biophilic design principles come to life through art installations that resonate with the spirit of the local community and its history. A standout piece is a majestic whale sculpture in the lobby, meticulously crafted from items collected on the beach, transforming the remnants of human presence into a powerful testament to nature's resilience. 

1 Hotel San Francisco embraces the inspiration of the natural world by commissioning pieces from local artists like Mary Little and James Herman. Their works celebrate the interplay of community, environment, and history using natural and found materials.

Our first sanctuary in Europe, 1 Hotel Mayfair has integrated a lush collection of 1,300 plants, shrubs, and trees throughout its spaces in a seamless blend of nature and art, invigorating both space and spirit. These artful expressions deepen our guests' connection to the environment and local culture, embodying our belief that nature is the ultimate artist.

As we reflect on the strides we've made together, remember that this is just the beginning of our shared journey towards a greener tomorrow. We're in it together—Happy Earth Day!

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