Guest Post: Cory Maryott

Published on: May 9, 2016

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new york skyline at night

I came to New York for my first time, after receiving an invitation to a private dinner event in Brooklyn. The event would bring together a handful of photographers, and would feature a panel talk by two of my favorite photographers, Hideaki Hamada and Justin Chung.

Stepping out of the subway station on the first night felt surreal. The buildings were all so tall, towering high above me in the soft glow of the last bit of daylight. During my short three-day stay, New York was quite kind to me. I met friends that I’d only known through the web, who took me around and showed me great places to eat and explore. Thankfully staying at such a central location at 1 Hotel Central Park made it easy to bounce around and check out different spots all across the city.

I rode the subway and had delicious Japanese food in Chelsea on my first night, followed by a fried chicken and gravy brunch on the Upper West Side the next morning. Across the next few days I would be rushing around trying to take in everything and meet everyone, while eating as much as I could. I got to have amazing tuna poke and fish tacos down in Nolita, just before wandering around Soho and checking out all the stylish shops. From there I walked the entire high line from the south end to the north— and was thankful my hotel, and namely the shower, weren’t but a short train ride away from that point!

My short trip was really pretty simple. I spent most the time wandering the streets and hanging with my new friends, taking photos. The weather couldn’t have been better and all across the city, pear trees where sprinkling their soft white petals everywhere in the breeze. The city buzzed with a certain energy about it. Simply walking the streets in good company and taking it all in was enough.

Walking around all day got to be pretty tiring. I was so thankful to have a home base to return to each night at the hotel. 1 Hotel Central Park is filled with an abundance of natural motifs—potted plants, salvaged wood— it was the perfect retreat from a days spent navigating the urban landscape. My room was so comforting, at times it was hard to leave it!

It has only been a short while since my trip ended, but I already miss the hotel and the city so much. Until next time!

– Cory Maryott


Cory is a portrait, food, and lifestyle photographer based in San Francisco. He recently graduated with a BA in Landscape Architecture and has been featured in Refinery29’s “30 Photographers to Follow on Instagram ASAP” as well as a Fast Co. piece featuring his photography of Facebook’s newly designed office.

When he’s not taking photos, you can find him eating avocados, miso soup, and/or sleeping in.

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