Fellows for the Future

In 2017, the 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2 was founded to support and invest in young entrepreneurs seeking to make the world a better place through projects that accelerate climate policies and work to protect our environment. Meet the inspiring 2020 class.

Published on: July 11, 2020

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The 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2 was created in partnership with the NRDC to support and invest in young entrepreneurs who seek to address pressing environmental issues through projects that benefit both the economy and our planet. Selected fellows receive $20,000 each and work with E2 team members and advocates to design and implement their projects. 

E2 is a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders, investors, and professionals who advocate for smart climate policies that benefit the economy and the environment. 

We are thrilled to host such a remarkable class of 1 Hotels Fellows at E2, and to watch the growth of each of their projects—from regenerative agriculture to renewable energy. Meet the Class of 2020 here.

Fellows in the Spotlight

Based at the Center for Rural Strategies in Knoxville, Tennessee, Mary’s project will be a social case study designed to amplify the voices of historically resource-dependent communities across rural America. These communities are rebuilding their economies by redefining resource-dependence through clean energy solutions. Mary holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Brown University and Master of Science M.S. in Fish and Wildlife Conservation from Virginia Tech. She has worked in both the non-for-profit and academic settings, with a focus on natural resource economies.

Solar Program Manager for a sustainable energy business in Washington, D.C., John is an energy and policy specialist with 8+ years of experience in renewable energy. His project will culminate in a thorough analysis of the best practices and economic benefits of growing solar power ownership among marginalized communities in the District of Columbia and New Jersey. He will also share a complete toolkit created for state governments and businesses who are seeking to establish solar power ownership programs. 

Congratulations to all this year’s 1 Hotel Fellows at E2! We can’t wait to learn what our Fellows discover and develop as the year continues.

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