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Earth Month and Beyond: Outdoor Adventures to Nurture Yourself and Nature

Getting out in nature offers bountiful benefits for both you and the planet. Explore our favorite nature spots and Earth Month initiatives across our sanctuaries.

Published on: April 08, 2024
Woman Meditating surrounded by lush greenery

At 1 Hotels, nature is everything. We cherish the beauty of the intricate ecosystems that surround us, wholeheartedly believing in their powers to nourish us, ground us, center us, and soothe our souls. As humans, our history has always been intertwined with the natural world, relying on its resources and intrinsic healing powers to sustain our lives, inspire our creativity, and impart a sense of connection and belonging.

It’s no surprise research indicates that immersing yourself in nature at least once a week correlates with better overall health, improved well-being, enhanced memory and focus, a deeper sense of purpose, and so much more. It also reveals that more time in nature can amplify our passion to care for the planet since we’re more likely to care for things that are literally and figuratively close to our hearts.

In honor of Earth Month, the 54th annual Earth Day celebration, and the start of spring, we want to encourage you to get out in nature more this month, allowing yourself to be fully present in your natural surroundings. To empower you on this journey, we’ve curated a guide with some of our favorite nature preserves, green spaces, oceanfront oases, and earth-friendly initiatives around our sanctuaries. We hope this guide inspires you to make the most of your Earth Month, reconnecting with the planet that makes it all possible.


1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Our sustainable sanctuary is proudly nestled next to Brooklyn Bridge Park, a stunning 85-acre world-class green space that extends along the East River. It’s the perfect place to birdwatch, meditate, stretch, bike, stroll, run, rollerskate, play volleyball with friends, and so much more. With over 3,000 trees throughout the park, admire bright blooms, green trees, and fresh air in the middle of the city.

New York skyline
1 Homes Preview Cabo

1 Homes Preview Cabo sits on a gorgeous stretch of Medano Beach with stunning views of crystal blue waters and the iconic Land’s End rock formations. Throughout Earth Month and beyond, it’s an ideal spot to ground your feet in the sand, paddle above the waves, snorkel through stunning reefs, gaze out at the ocean, read, nap, breathe fresh air, soak in the sunlight, and meditate to the sounds of the flowing tides.

Medano Beach
1 Hotel Central Park

Lovingly thought of as “New York City’s backyard,” Central Park sits just one block from our sustainable sanctuary. With over 18,000 trees and 500 species of flowering plants, enjoy endless opportunities to immerse yourself in nature at Central Park. To get even closer to nature, we invite you to explore initiatives such as the Indigenous Central Park Tour. In this excursion, you can wander through the park’s uncommon areas to explore native flora and fauna and learn about the indigenous communities that once occupied the space.

Central Park
1 Hotel Haitang Bay

Explore the depths of Sanya’s beauty at Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, a coastal mountain paradise where you can journey through suspended bridges, ziplines, and hillside hikes. Soak in stunning panoramic views of Haitang Bay’s turquoise waters, luscious valleys, and charming bungalows as you navigate the mountain’s vibrant gardens. You can also treat yourself to a hot spring spa session in the tropical forest.

Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park
1 Hotel Hanalei Bay

The entire island of Kauaʻi is a protected natural wonder, bursting with colorful flora, cascading waterfalls, lush emerald mountains, vibrant land and aquatic animals, and endless awe-inspiring beauty. The Limahuli Garden & Preserve National Tropical Botanical Garden is a perfect place to immerse yourself in this beauty. A 985-acre nature preserve with a 17-acre botanical garden, Limahuli is home to dozens of endangered plants and tropical birds found nowhere else on earth. This sacred puʻuhonua (place of refuge) holds beautiful stories of Hawaiian ancestry and indigenous traditions, making it an ideal destination to get outside and explore the depths of Kauaʻi. In celebration of Earth Month, we also invite you to participate in community beach cleanups and native tree plantings near our sanctuary to give back to the incredible planet that makes this all possible.

A grassy mountain
1 Hotel Mayfair

Our urban oasis is steps from Green Park, a tranquil haven that beautifully interrupts London’s vibrant cityscape. In between your city adventures, we invite you to ground yourself in the elements of the park by walking, biking, hiking, reading, or picnicking through its lush groves and gardens. Every day at 1 Hotel Mayfair, we offer Tree Tapestry Tours in partnership with the Tree Council to bring you closer to London’s hidden treasures and spotlight the natural beauty that flourishes right outside our sanctuary.

Park views of people enjoying a variety of activities
1 Hotel Nashville

Less than two miles from 1 Hotel Nashville, get closer to nature at Centennial Park, home to the historic Parthenon, gorgeous walking trails, a beautiful sunken garden, and a tranquil lake. Stroll through tree-lined paths or enjoy a picnic or calming meditation surrounded by fresh blossoms, historical monuments, and countless species of native flora and fauna.

Nashville Nature
1 Hotel San Francisco

With over 55 stunning acres of lush gardens with over 8,000 plant species from around the world, the San Francisco Botanical Garden is the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and restore between your city adventures. With an extraordinary display of rare and unusual plants, the Garden showcases how important it is to protect Earth’s biodiversity and continue to strengthen the relationship between people and plants. This Earth Month, try a soothing meditation or breathwork session surrounded by the bright blossoms and fresh air of this lovely green space.

Trees in the forest covered in fog
1 Hotel South Beach

Let nature sweep you to a place of serenity at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, boasting four acres of native Floridian plants, tropical flora, Japanese gardens, and stunning exhibits. To soothe your mind, body, and spirit, the garden offers enriching events that range from sound bath meditations to Tai Chi sessions.

In addition to your garden adventures, join us in honoring the Blue Planet as we host a soul-centering meditation and community beach cleanup on the shores behind 1 Hotel South Beach. This event is an incredible opportunity to express your gratitude for everything Mother Nature provides us, including Miami’s stunning shoreline and abundant sunshine.

1 Hotel Toronto

Reconnect with nature with a beautiful beach outing on the Toronto Islands, boasting pristine beaches and fun for the whole family. Feel the warm sand beneath your feet during a leisurely walk on the beach, grounding you in the elements and giving you a break from the bustle of the city. Each island has its own unique allure, so our concierge team would be happy to help you choose a destination, coordinate transportation, and arrange a picnic for you.

Birds eye view of the Griffith Observatory
1 Hotel West Hollywood

Enjoy the best views of Los Angeles from your perch at Griffith Park, with over 4,000 acres of natural terrain, parkland, and picnic areas within the Santa Monica Mountain range. Embark on the excursion on your own or book a 3.5-mile guided hike with Bikes & Hikes LA, where you’ll journey through lush hiking trails until you reach the most stunning panoramic views of the city. The tour also includes an exploration of the world-famous Griffith Observatory, home to stunning solar exhibits and immersive activities that include planetariums and public telescopes to bring you closer to the cosmos.


All April long, join us for indoor and outdoor celebrations across our properties. From sustainable cocktail classes to oceanfront meditations, find your favorite way to honor and uplift the planet (and your soul) this Earth Month.

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