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Fellows for the Future

The 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2 was created in partnership with the NRDC to support and invest in young entrepreneurs who seek to address pressing environmental issues through projects that benefit both the economy and our planet. Selected fellows receive $20,000 each and work with E2 team members and advocates to design and implement their projects. 

E2 is a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders, investors, and professionals who advocate for smart climate policies that benefit the economy and the environment. 

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World Oceans Day 2020

United Nations World Oceans Day is June 8. It is a day to celebrate the one ocean that connects us all. This World Oceans Day, join the UN virtually to raise global awareness for the abundance our ocean provides humankind, and our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably. Mobilize alongside business leaders, celebrities, governments, and research institutions over discussions on innovations for a sustainable ocean. This all-digital event, in partnership with Oceanic Global, is free and open to all online.

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Nourishing New York City

While we all grapple with the impacts of a global pandemic, COVID-19 has increased food insecurity for even more of our most vulnerable communities.

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Thankful for Mother Earth

We give thanks to you – our guests who help us further our mission of sustainability – as well as to our passionate 1 Team members. We also give thanks to nature. Amid family and football, it’s easy to forget that this holiday is about giving thanks for nature’s bounty. But nature provides so much more than sustenance. Livelihoods. Medicine. Adventure. Beauty. Even a solution to our broken climate.

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Green Is Always In Style

We often discuss the importance of carefully selecting the things we put into our bodies, but most of us don’t exercise that same caution when selecting what we put on our bodies—the clothing we wear or the materials they are made with. Perhaps it’s because our health isn't affected directly by clothing, but would you reconsider the way you consume fashion if you knew that your choices affected the health of the planet?

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Make-Your-Own Paper Seedling Pots

We were inspired to create another use for the in-room Field Reports you’ll find during your stay at 1 Hotels, so we put together 5 easy steps to turn them into a pot for herbs or small plants. Try it yourself; give your newspaper a second life and get your spring garden started.

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