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From daylife to nightlife, join us to explore nature, savor local flavors, cultivate well-being, and do all the good we can.

1 Promise  |  Environment  |  Intersectionality   

Celebrating the Incredible Impacts That Can Unfold in Just One Year as an E2 Fellow

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the 1 Hotels Fellowship at E2. We’re thrilled to introduce...
1 Promise  |  Climate  |  Environment   

Accelerating the Drive Towards Zero Emissions: Expert Insights from Audi's Director of Government Affairs & Sustainability

Audi of America’s Director of Government Affairs & Sustainability, Spencer Reeder, is also a climate...
1 Promise   

That's a Wrap: Our Favorite Sustainable Gifts for the Holiday Season

As the year comes to a close and we reach a time of reflection, we choose to express gratitude for...
1 Promise  |  Climate  |  Environment   

Are Our Climate Change Mitigation Efforts Actually Making a Difference?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just released its update on the global status...
1 Promise  |  Designed by Nature  |  Environment   

A Message on Earth Day

As millions of people around the world mobilize for the common goal of honoring our planet this...
1 Promise  |  Climate  |  Environment   

Popular Sustainable Certifications to Know, So You Can Vote With Your Dollar

In a world saturated in “greenwashing,” it’s more important than ever to understand and recognize...
1 Promise  |  Climate  |  Environment  |  Intersectionality   

Highlighting Powerful Black Voices in the Environmental Movement

There is always work to do to reverse the historical silencing of Black and Brown voices in the...
1 Promise  |  Environment  |  Wellness   

Winter Skin Secrets, from our Bamford Wellness Spa at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Kacey O’Rourke, our spa director at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, shares her top three secrets to winter...
1 Promise   

Recycling Throughout the Years: Why It's Still as Important as Ever

The topic of recycling generates a lot of mixed messages. Is it actually important? Is it making a...
1 Promise  |  Environment  |  Our People  |  Wellness   

Heart to Heart with Carole Bamford, Pioneer in Natural Holistic Wellbeing

We’re thrilled to introduce our new assortment of 100% natural bath products, handcrafted in...
1 Promise   

Ways to Make Your Voice Heard Following COP26

World leaders met in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss the best course of action against climate change...
1 Promise  |  Climate  |  Environment  |  Our People   

Breaking the Language Barrier in the World of Renewable Energy, by E2 Fellow Marlene Plua

As a platform for change, we’re always looking for new ways to empower ideas that can change the...
1 Promise   

How Warmer Weather Worsens Flash Floods

Global warming has proven to induce extreme weather of all kinds. For some areas of the world, this...
1 Promise   

We’re Responsible for Warming the Earth, and It’s Time to Put Things in Reverse

According to the 2021 UN Climate Report, we have no time to prevent damaging climate change — it’s...
1 Promise  |  Climate  |  Designed by Nature  |  Environment  |  Ingredients First   

Honoring the Blue Planet on World Oceans Day 2021

We’re celebrating World Oceans Day with intention, acknowledging the critical role of oceans in our...