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Unwind with Unplug Meditation

Growing evidence shows that meditation is not only beneficial for our mental and emotional wellbeing but also for our physical health. We've joined with Unplug Meditation to help guide you to peace and serenity in these uncertain times.

Published on: April 28, 2020
Woman leading a holistic ceremony

As we all adjust to the realities of staying at home, there's no better time to start meditation or take your practice to the next level. Most of us know that meditation can help reduce stress, but did you know it can actually reshape our brains?

Meditation can improve our mental and emotional wellbeing in many ways, including:
- Increasing empathy
- Improving cognition
- Stabilizing stress
- Improving self-image and self-worth
- Increasing attention

Growing evidence shows that meditation is also beneficial for our physical health, including:
- Anxiety
- Asthma
- Cancer
- Chronic pain
- Depression
- Heart disease
- High blood pressure
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Sleep problems
- Tension headaches

We teamed up with Unplug Meditation to help guide you to peace and serenity in these uncertain times. Unplug is the world's first drop-in, secular meditation studio, with the mission of making it effortless to learn, and to inspire you to pause, breathe, and unplug daily. In addition to their studios in Los Angeles, the Unplug app offers 68 world-renowned guides and more than 700 videos to help you find calm wherever you are.

For a limited time, sign up to enjoy a complimentary month of Unplug Meditation at Also stay tuned to our @1hotels IGTV for three short meditations you can practice any time: 7 Minutes to Peace, Quick Chill, and Priming Yourself for an Amazing Day.

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