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That's a Wrap: Our Favorite Sustainable Gifts for the Holiday Season

As the year comes to a close and we reach a time of reflection, we choose to express gratitude for what we have and focus on what truly matters.

Published on: November 30, 2023
1 Hotels candles sitting on a table

The spirit of the holiday season is unmatched — festive decorations around every corner, winter wonderland weather, nostalgia, and pure joy. It’s enough to make anyone want to give, give, and give more to spread the happiness to everyone we love.

But during a time when global waste levels increase by 25-30% and many warehouse workers face unethical conditions, it’s more important than ever to remember to gift with intention.

We encourage you to focus on gifts that balance ethics and excitement. To help you do so, we’ve compiled a list of brands and gift ideas that consider the well-being of the planet and all of its people. 


It’s important to remember there are so many factors to consider when shopping for sustainable clothing. First, really consider whether or not you (or your loved ones) need a new garment. Having fewer pieces in your closet is a great way to get more wear out of each piece.
When you feel like you’ve worn out your favorites, consider donating them, or if they’re too worn out, research ways to recycle them. But at all costs, avoid letting your once-favorite garments end up in a landfill. When it comes to adding new clothes to your closet, intentional secondhand shopping is the most sustainable option. But if you’re looking for new items, we encourage you to support slow, sustainable brands like the ones below while focusing on the durability and longevity of the new garment.


Mon Coeur, founded by Louise Ulukaya, is a trailblazing brand on a mission to redefine kids' fashion through sustainability. With the innovative New Again program, Mon Coeur upcycles used clothing, actively reducing waste. As a proud 1% for the Planet partner, the brand invests in environmental restoration and collaborates with 5 Gyres for impactful community beach cleanups.


Nadaam offers “the world’s fairest cashmere” from Mongolia’s Gobi Desert. They work directly with herders to ensure ethical, sustainable, and high-quality knitwear pieces at prices that are fair for them and you.


Stick & Ball is a sustainable, equestrian-inspired lifestyle brand that offers handcrafted, Italian, vegetable-tanned leather goods, handwoven alpaca outerwear, and the softest alpaca knits.


Heads of State Hat Co is a brand specializing in sustainable accessories including build your own and one-of-a-kind hats, led by a Brooklyn-based and women-owned team. 


McMullen, a beacon of sophistication nestled in Oakland, embodies founder Sherri McMullen's groundbreaking vision and resolute commitment to empowerment. This Black female-owned luxury boutique transcends borders by curating a captivating ensemble of both emerging and established designers from around the globe. 



OSAY features a new collection of small-batch, artisan-crafted flats, inspired by a centuries-old Mediterranean slipper. Each one is designed with upcycled leather to showcase timeless elegance that adapts to any outfit with comfort, style, and sustainability. 



Explore a collection of custom, handcrafted jewelry at Strings of Hope, featuring musical string necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. These unique pieces encapsulate the essence of Nashville—kind, creative, and musical. Strings of Hope takes pride in contributing to the Nashville community, actively working to make a positive impact on the lives of survivors in the city.



Through our Goodthings market, you can gift the healing powers of nature with our signature candle, our all-natural Bamford bath products, and organic jersey robes. You can also browse our cozy selection of 100% organic cotton children’s shirts, sweatshirts, and onesies for a sustainable, non-toxic gift for your little ones!


Bamford offers a wide range of products inspired by nature. From botanical bodycare products to natural, artisan-made clothing — their products allow you to bring the calming touch of nature into your home.


Gift an electric experience with a fully electric Audi e-tron. With its long-range capacity and invigorating all-wheel drive, the fully electric Audi e-tron is the perfect choice to power your (or your loved one’s) adventures — and tread lightly on the planet. 



Every holiday season, the US alone wastes enough ribbon to tie a bow around the entire globe. You can directly reduce your waste by upcycling old materials — like newspapers, magazines, or old garments — and using them as gift wrapping.


If you don’t have anything to upcycle, consider reusable, zero-waste Japanese fabric (furoshiki) wraps from Wrappr, a Toronto-based brand that hopes to transition from wasteful wrapping to wrapping that celebrates the earth and its beauty. This holiday season, you can purchase custom 1 Hotels x Wrappr wraps in all 1 Hotels’ Goodthings stores, designed by artists around the globe.
As always, remember that all of the little things we do to reduce our waste this holiday season can add up in a big way.


At every possible opportunity, we encourage you to support small, local, and/or BIPOC-owned businesses. At the Little Business Library, you’ll find a registry of small businesses including BIPOC, LatinX, LGBTQ+, female-owned businesses, and beyond. 
The holidays are about lifting up our friends, families, and neighbors, and there’s no better way to do so than to support small businesses, revitalize local economies, and reduce your shipping emissions.
The planet and the people around you will thank you!


festive lights

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