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Rituals Over Resolutions: Expert Advice for Sustainable Wellness Goals

Another new year, another opportunity to start fresh. We invite you to cultivate holistic wellness in 2023 with advice from our experts on meditation, manifestation, and movement.

Published on: January 10, 2023
People wearing headphones with their eyes closed

With 365 new days to steer your life in the direction you choose, the opportunities for positive change are endless. That being said, we invite you to place your personal wellness at the top of your priority list.

We believe wellness comes from within. When you take the time to nourish your body in a holistic way, you create space to show up as your best self—allowing you to make deeper connections, make better decisions, embrace new opportunities, attract like-minded people, and inspire others to do the same.

To guide you on your journey toward holistic wellness, we sat down with some of our expert wellness gurus. As they share their knowledge on meditation, manifesting, and mindful movement, we encourage you to “zoom out” and consider all the ways these different wellness practices intertwine. If you’re interested in adopting a meditation practice this year, we’ve curated a peaceful meditation playlist, At 1 With Yourself, to accompany you on your journey.

When you approach wellness from every angle (and make a consistent practice out of it), you set the tone for an incredible year of growth and intention.

Utilizing Meditation for Goal Setting with Sabrina Calcagno Badeaux, Sound Healer & Founder of Kanekshun in South Beach

Many people look to meditation to find relaxation or reduce stress. How can it be used for focus or goal setting looking into the New Year?

The practice of meditation is part of living life through a mindful lens. Mindfulness is giving our bodies, hearts, and minds the opportunity to simply focus on one thing at a time, providing us with less mental “work.” As we meditate, our intentions can vary. If the desire is to feel calm and relaxed, our energy will focus on achieving that sensation. When it comes to manifesting our goals in the new year, meditation is a powerful tool when paired with clear intentions. The clearer we are on what we want our lives to feel like in the new year, the more our bodies and mind work together to manifest it through meditation and action. By simply closing our eyes and envisioning a day in the life we want to lead in 2023, we can help clear the path mentally for that to occur. 

How would you recommend that people incorporate meditation into their wellness routines for goal setting? 

I encourage all of our clients to use different modalities to truly tap into the power of manifesting the life we desire. When we combine meditation with journaling, smudging, and mindful movement, we activate different parts of our minds and energetic body, creating high vibrational synergy. It is in this state that we are clear, open, and excited to create and go after our goals. 

The ideal new year goal-setting ritual would be:

1. Set the stage

  • Find a setting that you feel the most comfortable, perhaps your favorite nook in your home or a spot in nature. 
  • Ignite your sense of smell by lighting a candle, an incense, or using essential oils like eucalyptus or lemon.
  • Dress comfortably, remove your shoes if possible, allow your feet to feel the ground.

2. Release the past year

  • Honor all the highs and lows, the laughs and the lessons by moving your body. Movement allows you to shake off and shift energy you carry. So allow 2022 to fade into the air as you DANCE IT OFF. Pick your go-to song, pump it up, close your eyes, and allow your breath to guide your movements as you envision all of the memories of the past year as they fade into the air with each movement.

3. Find your center

  • Allow your heart rate and breath to settle as you bring yourself to a seated position. You can download and play our guided meditation for the new year [available on our website or social media], or practice a simple breath exercise of equal parts inhale, hold, and exhale, starting with counts of five for five rounds each until you reach single counts. This will signal the brain to calm and focus.

4. Write it out

  • Using your favorite journal, phone, or note pad, allow yourself a moment of true introspection as you start to review where you are and where you want to go. We offer you the following journal prompts:

You have lived another extraordinary year. No matter how many challenging moments there have been. No matter how many moments of bliss. It's all been YOURS and has brought you this moment. Honor yourself and 2022 by reflecting on the below:

- Most proud moment

- What or who are you most grateful for

- Biggest lesson

- If 2022 was a movie, what would the title be?

2023 IS HERE. It's a fresh moment. A fresh day. A fresh year ahead. The story you want to tell next year is up to you to create!

  • What are 2-4 things that you will stop doing in the next 12 months? Think of any self-critical habits you want to leave behind.
  • What are 2-4 things that you will start doing in the next 12 months? What new habits, rituals, and activities do you want to bring into 2023?
  • What are 2-4 things that you will continue doing in the next 12 months? What amazing practices do you want to continue to do and evolve this year?

Can you share tips for those who are new to meditation or practicing at home?

  • First and foremost, please remember that it is a practice. If you forget or skip a few days, just commit to come back to your practice. 
  • Find a spot that you feel comfortable, and that has little noisy distractions to practice in each day. 
  • Set a meeting with yourself—we never miss work meetings, so assign self-care as your daily task or meeting with self.
  • Start small and slow—commit to just two to five minutes a day to start for the first month, then work your way up adding a minute or two more each month. 
  • For beginners, I suggest using guided visual meditations. All you have to do is listen and allow yourself to be taken on a mindful journey.
  • Keep a log or accountability partner so that you can see and celebrate your practice.
  • Be open to trying different forms of meditations—running or walking with no music, painting or taking up ceramics, living room dance parties, daily journaling—all cathartic and powerful.

Tell us a little about the meditations you lead at 1 Hotel South Beach, and for those who can’t attend in person, can people find your meditations online or via social media?

Our brand Kanekshun [con·nec·tion /kəˈnekSH(ə)n/] was founded in 2016 and has had the honor of leading mindful programming at 1 Hotel South Beach since 2020. Our brand ethos is based on the principle that we are all connected, specifically through breath and energy. Each month we carefully curate workshops and experiences for individuals who are looking to cultivate mind, body, and soul balance by combining meditation, sound healing, movement, and unique activities in formats that are accessible to all. 

For those unable to attend our events at the beautiful 1 Hotel South Beach location, you can sign up for our monthly newsletters where we share journal prompts, recorded meditations and playlists. Follow us on @kanekshun on Instagram or visit to sign up or direct download.

Manifesting the Future of You with Luciana, Wellness Expert & Founder of NÜLOVE in Toronto

What exactly is manifestation, and how can people benefit from incorporating it into their routines?

Manifesting is becoming what you desire to have in life so that it attracts and finds its way to you. Bringing your awareness to your desires, and actively taking small steps to become that in your daily life, helps you to shift thoughts, patterns, and behaviours in digestible ways. Your daily routine will shift, as you do too. 

How does one bring manifestation to life?

A simple way to begin the process of manifestation is to be grateful for your life as it presently is. To be thankful for the life you currently have, and recognize that you have chosen and created this exact life. And so, you can also consciously choose and create the life you desire to have. To become what you want to manifest, start with small steps and gradually build. Gratitude first, then shift to something tangible. For example, if you want a vulnerable connection with someone, ask yourself first, how am I vulnerable with myself? Am I showing up for myself the way I want others to show up for me? 

If what you want relates to your home, business, or possessions, ask yourself, what is getting in the way of me creating this? Go beyond the surface, and ask that question over and over with each answer you get until you get to the root. 

Why is journaling a helpful tool in manifestation?

Journaling is a powerful tool to help you process and see your thoughts and feelings on a page. It's also great to go back and see how you've evolved over time. To see what you have overcome and who you have become on your life journey. 

If you are new to journaling, simply start by writing down how you're feeling, how your day is going, or what you see around you. Let the pen meet the page and see what comes out. Journal prompts are also helpful, and many can be found online to support you on the journey. 

Can you tell us about the letter-writing exercise you’re hosting at 1 Hotel Toronto and how people can do something similar from home?

The letter-writing workshop is designed for you to connect to who you presently are, and acknowledge and love this version of you. Then connect to the Future You that you're yearning to become, and invite that person in by giving love to your present self and choosing to move through the beliefs that have kept you stuck by writing to yourself.

If you'd like to try this at home, grab your journal or a pen and paper. Ground yourself with a few deep lower belly breaths, and tune in with a guided sound meditation here. 

After meditating, grab your journal, or paper and pen, and start your letter with "Dear (insert your name),” and complete the sentences or answer the journal prompts below.

Remember to thoughtfully answer these with a few sentences each if you can. Go deeper than one or two words. 

Dear (Your Name),

I am so thankful for your ...
In 2022, I have overcome ....
What I love about this version of me is....
I am ready to become ...
To become..... I am letting go of..... and inviting in ....
Something new I can add to my life to help me invite in ..... is .....
I promise to .....
Thank you for....
I love you. 

With love always, 
(Your Name) 

For those who aren’t in Toronto, where can we follow you or access your wellness tips?

Connect more with LUCIANA x NÜLOVE on Instagram. For more tips, tune in with us at and join our newsletter here

Mindful Movement with Marc Megna, Co-Owner of Anatomy Fitness at 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay, 1 Hotel Nashville, and 1 Hotel South Beach

What are the physical and mental benefits of mindful movement? 

Mindful movement, also known as mindful exercise or mindful physical activity, refers to the practice of bringing awareness and attention to the present moment while engaging in physical activity. This can involve paying attention to your breath, your body, and your surroundings while you move. There are many potential physical and mental benefits of mindful movement, including the following.

  • Improved physical fitness: Engaging in regular physical activity can help you improve your physical fitness, which can include increased endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Stress reduction: Exercise and physical activity can help to reduce stress and improve mental well-being by releasing endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in the brain.
  • Increased focus and concentration: Focusing on the present moment while exercising can help to improve focus and concentration, which can be beneficial in other areas of your life.
  • Enhanced mood: Physical activity has been shown to improve mood and reduce the risk of depression and anxiety.

Do you have any tips for those who are starting a new fitness journey in the New Year? 

If you are starting a new fitness journey in the new year, here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Start slowly: It's important to ease into a new fitness routine to avoid injury and burnout. Start with shorter workouts and gradually increase the intensity and duration as you become more comfortable.
  • Find activities you enjoy: Choose activities that you enjoy and that fit your lifestyle and interests. This will make it more likely that you will stick with your fitness routine.
  • Set achievable goals: Setting realistic and achievable goals can help to keep you motivated and on track. Be sure to set short-term and long-term goals and celebrate your progress along the way.
  • Find a support system: Surrounding yourself with supportive friends and family members can help to keep you motivated and accountable. Consider joining a fitness group or hiring a personal trainer to help you stay on track.
  • Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to achieving your health and wellness goals. Try to make physical activity a regular part of your routine and aim to work out at least a few times a week.

How can creating a routine be helpful in achieving health or wellness goals?

Routine is by far one of the most important components to achieving your wellness goals. Routines help your mind and body conserve energy and minimize uncertainty so that our brains can make space to think more clearly and focus our energy on other priority tasks. By creating a daily routine for your wellness tasks, such as stretching, sleeping, and working out, you can build the consistency needed to hit your goals without draining as much energy trying to figure out what tasks you need to do each day.

There will be an Anatomy gym at the new 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay. Can you share any details about the unique fitness programming available at that property? 

When developing the programming for Hanalei Bay, we wanted to make sure we tapped into all that the Bay has to offer. There are going to be a lot of water and beach-based fitness programs such as paddleboarding, beach workouts, outdoor yoga, and movement classes. Recovery is also going to be a key focus within our programming. We have state-of-the-art cold tubs, saunas, and steam rooms which will be readily available for our members and guests. Finally, we are going to have an assortment of fitness testing tools, like VO2 max, so that people can train and recover in the most optimal way possible.

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