Make-Your-Own Paper Seedling Pots

Published on: March 14, 2017

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Closeup of a small plant

We were inspired to create another use for the in-room Field Reports you’ll find during your stay at 1 Hotels, so we put together 5 easy steps to turn them into a pot for herbs or small plants. Try it yourself; give your newspaper a second life and get your spring garden started.

Materials needed:
Can or drinking glass
Potting soil

1. Cut your sheet of newspaper in half down the center seam and fold the sheet in half lengthwise.

2. Set the can/glass on its side 2 inches from the edge of the paper and roll the newspaper around the can to make a cylinder.

3. Fold the free end of the newspaper down. Continue folding inward to create the base.

4. Slip the paper off the can or glass. Fold the top inch of the pot inward to make a stable rim.

5. Hold the pot by the bottom to keep it closed. Fill to the top with moistened seed-starting soil and plant 1-2 seeds.

Pro tip: When planting your seedlings, place the paper pot directly into the ground. The newspaper will decompose naturally!

To minimize the use of plastic in your own life, look around your home and work to identify plastic items. From there, seek to find alternatives.