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Kinder Clothing: Inspiring the Next Generation of Earth-Loving Adventurers with Mon Coeur

In celebration of our brand new capsule collection with Mon Coeur, Founder Louise Ulukaya shares the incredible mission and methods behind her imaginative, earth-loving kidswear brand.

Published on: November 06, 2023

Just like those of us who work and stay at 1 Hotels, Louise Ulukaya, Founder of Mon Coeur, has long dreamt of a world that puts the planet first. Her love and passion for sustainability began as a child, and through Mon Coeur, she’s now crafting natural and sustainable children’s clothing—so kids can explore their excitement for sustainability and wear it at the same time.

With every piece spun from reclaimed organic cotton fibers with care, it’s only natural that we partner with Mon Coeur to create a fun, earth-loving capsule collection for all of the Seedlings out there. To celebrate the launch of this collection, we interviewed Louise to learn about the amazing behind-the-scenes methods of the brand, the beauty of their New Again program, and the inspiration behind the capsule collection design. Be sure to check out the soft organic pieces and fun pastel palette on our Goodthings website, so your Seedlings can grow, learn, and explore in natural clothes that truly care for the planet.

Founder Louise Ulukaya on Mon Coeur’s Mission and 1 Hotels Capsule Collection

What sparked your passion for sustainability and inspired you to start a sustainable kids’ clothing brand?

I started Mon Coeur when I had my son, Miran, and really disliked all the clothing options out there. Five years ago, I had to compromise on sustainability to buy cute clothes for my son or compromise on cuteness to prioritize the sustainability of the clothes. Sustainability has always been a core part of my education and upbringing. I grew up in the South of France, and my mother raised us to be conscious of the environment, our consumption habits, and waste. This environmental awareness stayed with me as I grew into a woman and became a mother. I wanted to create a clothing line that was genuinely sustainable and cared for the environment, allowing kids to grow, learn, play, and live on a healthier planet. My son, Miran, and all the other kids should have better clothing options that are cool, stylish, playful, easy for parents to maintain, and accessible—all while truly caring for the environment.

Our motto at Mon Coeur is "to make kids' clothing that lasts, so the planet does too." We produce every collection in Portugal at a factory that uses only renewable energy, and every piece is made from recycled materials. Our t-shirts, bodysuits, and shorts are made from upcycled cotton, while our rash guards and trunks are crafted from recycled fishing nets.

Through its New Again program, Mon Coeur repurposes and upcycles used children's clothing. Can you explain the process and its impact on waste reduction?

The New Again Program operates in a few simple steps to make it easy for parents:

  • We accept used clothes from any brand. You can start the process by collecting your used clothes and submitting our online form.
  • We sort and deconstruct the materials.
  • We return the materials to their base form, which is yarn.
  • The result is zero waste.

We can use these yarns to create punching bags, yoga mats, and other stylish products, effectively closing the loop on sustainability. While making our clothes sustainable is of utmost importance to us, considering the end life of a product is equally important to prevent pollution in our landfills.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Mon Coeur or what the brand does to help save the planet? 

We are a proud partner of 1% for the Planet, where 1% of each sale contributes to the restoration of the natural environment. Additionally, we collaborate with 5 Gyres, which helps us connect with communities to organize beach cleanups. Engaging with the community and raising awareness among children and parents is crucial to making a meaningful impact!

It’s only natural that 1 Hotels would partner with Mon Coeur for an exclusive, limited-edition collection. Could you share some insights into the design journey and sources of inspiration for the collection?

Both Mon Coeur and 1 Hotels have long-standing reputations for creating eco-conscious experiences and products that embody their planet-friendly ethos and are cherished by families. With this collaborative effort, we aim to expand our reach, increase awareness, and offer environmentally-minded parents a sustainable choice while also giving back through our partnership with 1% for the planet.

This capsule collection is so important because it triggers a strong, active push towards sustainability. Together, we can share more resources, knowledge, ideas, and solutions, and generate more positive 'noise' among a larger audience. This collaboration creates a supportive community that contributes to progress toward a more eco-conscious future for generations to come.

This capsule collection draws inspiration from the Earth's beauty and celebrates our Mother Earth, featuring a soft and gentle color palette of pastels, sage greens, and yellow, incorporating our motto, "Little Earth Lover." The playful patches on hoodies and t-shirts enhance the styles, which are very gender-neutral and versatile for adventurous kids.

How many items are in the capsule, and where can people purchase them?

There are four different pieces in this capsule collection: a onesie, a t-shirt, a hoodie, and a rash guard, all gender-neutral. You can purchase these items at 1 Hotels Goodthings retail stores and online at the 1 Hotels Goodthings shop starting November 7.

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