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Internet Faves: Snapchat Accounts To Follow Now

From budding tweens to established brands, people are quickly jumping on board with Snapchat – the app that has changed the way we share moments from our everyday lives. 

Published on: June 17, 2016

From budding tweens to established brands, people are quickly jumping on board with Snapchat – the app that has changed the way we share moments from our everyday lives. We have a few accounts we love to keep tabs on. 



The Miami native record producer & radio personality turned social media self-help guru has become the second largest Snapper (after Kylie Jenner), after only 4 months of joining Snapchat. Enjoy moments from his day-to-day life and doling out “major keys” or advice/wisdom.

2. Pouya Sayyedi

Pouya Sayyedi

A mechanical engineer by day and Snapchatter by night – get ready to be blown away by his drawings on his iPhone. We’re convinced he must be using a iPhone 6+++. 

3. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

Social media all-star, wife to John Legend, and mother to Luna – you can expect Snaps of her mom, her closet, her pups, and dishes from her recent cookbook, Cravings. 

4. Everlane


The brand that does it just right. Everything from their clothing and accessories, to their minimal site design, Everlane carries their brand aesthetic perfectly onto their Snapchat. Without fancy cameras and editing tools, the brand uses Snapchat to take their transparency efforts to the next level. Follow along for office tours, customer interviews, new product previews and #TransparencyTuesdays. 

5. Marnie


Once an abandoned 13-year-old shih tzu wandering the streets of Connecticut, Marnie is now loved and adored by her 1.9 million+ followers on Instagram. Follow her along on Snapchat to see her iconic lopsided head and cute tongue sticking out of her mouth at all times. 

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