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Intentional Gift Giving

Published on: December 13, 2018
Store displays with clothing and accessories

The holiday season is a perfect time of year to share gifts that both reflect your values and inspire others to go green. Here is our gift guide on how to shop sustainably and ethically for gifts, and how you could encourage sustainable behavior of friends and family:

Give gifts that encourage sustainable behavior

There are so many simple ways to help friends and family go green! Giving a personalized, reusable water bottle, a coffee mug, or reusable coffee cup/thermos is a great way to help friends and family reduce their use of single-use products. 

Explore your neighborhood for local shops!

Supporting local businesses is a great way to practice sustainability for so many reasons. By embracing what makes your neighborhood unique, more of your money is kept within your local community.  Shopping locally establishes relationships with your neighbors, and reducing the need for transportation and packaging conserves energy and resources that put a strain on the environment.

Support mission-driven businesses

Do some research to find local and online shops with missions that reflect your values. Many businesses make donations for every purchase made, practice fair trade, and are built around sustainability. 

Give a donation in someone’s name

It can be difficult giving a gift to someone that seemingly has everything. Giving a donation to an organization that they support is a great use of time and money, and a thoughtful gift to someone that doesn’t need another “thing”!

Give items a second life

Shop in vintage, antique and consignment shops. Antique jewelry, used books, or household items can be found all over. Giving a gift that has a story behind it is meaningful and fun, plus, it will be completely unique. 


Now you can bring 1 Hotels home. We have teamed up with Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Di Prinzio to consciously curate our boutique shop, Goodthings.

Happy holidays and happy gift giving!

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