Guest Post: Jillian Mercado’s 1 Hotel Central Park Stay

Published on: October 5, 2016

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The lobby of 1 Hotel Central Park, furnished with wood and greenery

Seeing as this is not my first rodeo, planning for this upcoming New York Fashion Week I wanted to expand my horizons and experience new things. One of those new things is subsequently my new favorite hotel on this planet.

A woman's feet in black shoes, crossed at the ankles

Saying that my stay at 1 Hotel Central Park for the majority of New York Fashion Week was amazing would be a total understatement. Aside from the perfect location (central to literally everywhere anyone needs to be in NYC), the design and integrity of the hotel are what really captured me. 

It was a delight to be surrounded by living plants and a room crafted from reclaimed wood and recycled goods. The forward-thinking design sensibilities and mood of the hotel created an utter sense of peace between shows and events. My favorite part of the room was the glorious marble bathroom (I don’t think I’ve taken a more cleansing, refreshing shower in my entire life). 

A makeup artist applying blush to a young woman's cheek

Discovering this diamond in the haystack of hotels throughout NYC was quite a surprise and I can’t wait to stay again. I’ve already started a list of inspirations for my next loft thanks to this place.


Jillian Mercado is a model represented by IMG. She is a prominent figure in the new wave of models challenging beauty ideals and fighting the lack of representation of disabled people in the fashion industry. 

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