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Gift Intentionally

The holidays are the perfect time to share gifts that reflect your values and do some good.

Published on: December 03, 2019
Unfocused image of lights on a tree

The holidays are the perfect time to share gifts that reflect your values and do some good. Gift with intent this holiday season to keep material things out of the waste stream, encourage green habits for loved ones, support local businesses, and other feel-good benefits.

Feel good about how you spend, where it’s coming from, and the impact you’re making by following our simple gift guide below.

Encourage sustainable behavior.

Gently help others develop a green habit. Giving a personalized, reusable water bottle or reusable thermos is a great way to help friends and family reduce their use of single-use products.

Shop small.

Supporting small and local businesses keeps money in your local communities and creates a local economy that reduces the need for transportation and packaging, which put a strain on the environment.

Support mission-driven businesses.

If you choose where you shop wisely, you can find businesses that do the feel-good work for you. Find a fair trade company that gives back or matches every purchase in some way to give a gift and give back.

Do the feel-good work in someone’s name.

It can be difficult giving a gift to someone that seemingly has everything. Giving a donation to an organization that they support is a great use of time and money, and a thoughtful gift to someone who doesn’t need another “thing."

Give items a second life.
Shop in vintage, antique, and consignment shops. Giving a gift that has a story behind it is meaningful and fun, plus it will continue to live its life out of the waste stream. We also encourage brands that upcycle ocean plastic and other waste items to make their clothing and accessories.

Happy holidays!

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