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Easy Ways to Minimize Your Travel Footprint As You Explore Our Destinations

Discover our green transportation options, so you can explore lightly and freely.

Published on: June 14, 2022

When you visit our sanctuaries, we want you to be able to say you truly lived local—soaking in the beauty that surrounds you, experiencing the unique culture that shapes the area, and establishing new connections with the natural world.

In line with our mission to continuously uplift the planet, people, and places that sustain our operations, we remain creative and open-minded in our approach to provide you with low-emissions transportation options that allow you to explore our destinations while minimizing your environmental impact.

Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorite ways to explore lightly and freely.


Whether you want to stroll through Central Park, walk along Marina Cabo San Lucas, or explore LA’s most walkable neighborhood of West Hollywood, all of our properties are intentionally situated in walkable areas.

With mindful walks, you’ll be able to connect with the area in a way that you simply wouldn’t in a car or train—listening to the wind blowing through the leaves, hearing the local birds singing over the city sounds, and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. These walks also provide an opportunity for you to tune into yourself—identifying your needs, recentering your thoughts, and rebalancing your nervous system.

You never know, you may also notice new spots—restaurants, shops, cafes—that you wouldn’t see (or have the time to stop at) if you were to zoom through the area on wheels.


At 1 Hotel South Beach, explore in style with our complimentary beach cruisers, available to all guests 18 years and older. The bike pickup is located on Collins Avenue at the beach, which is the perfect basecamp for all your South Beach daylife adventures.

At 1 Hotel San Francisco, you can rent e-bikes to explore the city, so you can ride along the Bay, enjoy the crisp weather, and gaze at the vibrant and historic architecture in this iconic city.

At 1 Hotel West Hollywood, we’ve partnered with Bikes & Hikes LA so that you can ditch traffic and see the city’s iconic sights in a fresh way.

Fully Electric Audi e-trons

As the official electric vehicle of 1 Hotels, you can find Audi e-tron house cars at all of our operating US properties. As the first electric SUV built with Audi DNA, the e-tron provides ample space, long-range capability, and quattro® all-wheel drive performance.

During your stay, feel free to explore the surrounding area in a chauffeured house car or test drive the e-tron yourself.

Public Transportation

Every year, public transportation in the US saves 37 million metric tons of carbon dioxide—equivalent to the electricity generated by every household in New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles combined.

At our urban sanctuaries, you have plenty of trains, trams, and trolleys to take you where you want to go.

  • New York City: You can find information about the NYC subway and bus systems here
  • San Francisco: Muni provides a convenient network of buses, light rail Metro trains, streetcars, and cable cars to get you around to every corner of the city.
  • South Beach: Miami has several free beach trolleys that make it easy to roam around safely while remaining conscious of your carbon footprint.
  • Toronto: The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) offers streetcars, buses, and subways that will take you throughout the city and suburbs.
  • West Hollywood: With various public transportation methods such as Metro buses, rail routes, and trolleys, you can explore WeHo with ease.

To learn more about equitable public transportation, we recommend reading our previous article, Green Spaces & Transportation for All.

Take It a Step Further

On top of these recommendations, remember that you can also offset the carbon footprint of your stay through our first-of-its-kind loyalty program, MISSION by SH. When you redeem your rewards, you can choose to use them to fund various carbon offset projects that involve forestation, renewable energy production, and land conservation efforts.

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