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Our People

Dogs Of 1 Hotels: Part One

Have you ever wondered why 1 Hotels are so dog-friendly? Well we know your dogs are part of the family and we would never ask you leave a family member behind. At 1 Hotels your furry ones are welcome, free of charge!

Published on: August 11, 2017
A smiling dog wrapped up in a blanket

​Not only do we love your dogs, we also really love our dogs! Sometimes we even bring them to work. You may have already seen some of them at or on our social media channels, since most of our pup models are actually our very own — paid in healthy treats, of course! We would like to introduce you to some our own furry family that provides us with so much love and happiness on a daily basis.

Rosie, Chihuahua Mix | 2 Years Old

A chihuahua mix lying in a grassy park licking her nose

Meet Rosie whose mom, Cornelia, is the General Manager of 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. Rosie was a rescue at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. She didn’t have to leave her favorite borough though, and she’s right at home at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge where she is treated like a Queen. The team there says she reminds them of Sofia Vergara. Feisty!

Lula, Daschund  | 6 Years Old (Left) And Zeke, Daschund | 6 Years Old (Right)

A man in a park holding two pet daschunds and smiling

Zeke and Lula are Dachshund brother and sister. Their dad Jason is the Director of People Operations for 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, but to them he is Director of Dogs. Zeke and Lula were raised together on a miniature horse farm before moving to NYC. Which explains why they often lead the office herds!

Halo, Doberman Pinscher | 9 Years Old

A man in jeans and a tank top lying on a bed spooing his doberman pinscher

Halo is a handsome pup! His dad Chris, who is a Guest Service Agent at 1 Hotel Central Park, thinks he was a Pizza Delivery guy in a past life. He loves thin crust pizza almost as much as he loves Chris. As you can see, Halo and Chris are best friends and share a very special bond.

Bella-Louie, Yorkie | 12 Years Old

A yorkie wearing a pink hat and matching shirt

This is Bella-Louie. She’s an independent pup that is fine doing things on her own. She gets that from her mom Lynn who is the Director of Entertainment Sales at 1 Hotel Central Park and 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. Bella provides Lynn with unconditional love and Lynn provides her with unlimited baby carrots.

Figaro, Miniature Schnauzer | 6 Years Old

A black and white image of a miniature schnauzer sitting on a blanket

Figaro is a small pup with an outgoing personality. His dad Javier, who is the Area Director of Finance for 1 Hotels, was actually originally interested in adopting his sister, but Figaro did not want to share and knocked his sister out of the way. Javier says he would do the same if he were in the situation… a perfect match!

Richie, Shih Tzu | 7 Years Old

A shih tzu leaping off the ground with his tongue out

R stands for Richie… and for Royalty! Richie comes from a family of AKC Champion Shih Tzu’s which is why his mom Aline, a Sales Coordinator at 1 Hotel South Beach, thinks he may have been royalty in a past life. Aline knows Richie expects royal treatment, so she also works as his massage therapist and private chef.


This is only a dip in the 1 Hotels puppy pond! We can’t wait to show off more of our team pups in Part Two of ‘Dogs of 1 Hotels’ on National Dog Day, August 26th. Also, don’t forget that dogs eat free all month long in celebration of National Dog Day!

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