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Cultivating Connections: How to Fuse Elements of Art, Nature, and Culture with KINKA

With a mission to bring us all closer to the outdoors and each other, this NYC-based creative platform offers useful tips and immersive workshops to brighten up your spaces and let your inspiration flourish.

Published on: May 10, 2024

Every few weeks, you’ll find vibrant plant pop-ups as you walk through our sanctuaries in Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge. With lush green leaves nestled in ceramic pots—hand painted by local artists—it’s no secret that these plants spotlight the powerful connection between art and nature.

These fun plant displays and their symbolic beauty come from KINKA, an NYC-based cultural art platform founded by Tom & EunYoung Sebazco. With a heartfelt mission to celebrate diverse cultures through art, food, and plants, KINKA aspires to connect people through immersive nature-centered workshops, art exhibits, and botanical programs.

Aligning beautifully with our mission to connect with (and safeguard) the beauty and bounty of nature, we’re excited to sit down with KINKA to learn more about their journey and share their expert advice on breathing life into your spaces. Whether you have a natural green thumb or can’t seem to keep your plants alive, read on to discover useful houseplant insights and get a glimpse into their exciting upcoming workshops at our New York properties.


Could you share the story behind KINKA?

KINKA was founded as a cultural art platform in the Flatiron District of NYC during the peak of the summer pandemic of 2020. With a deep passion for art, food, and plants, we wanted to create a diverse cultural community space to celebrate these forms of expression and their interconnection. Over the years, we have curated one-of-a-kind artwork and items, exhibited local artists' work, and hosted cultural workshops. In spring 2023, KINKA relocated to the East Village, where it continues to thrive as a creative hub.

We’re so happy to share your mission of fostering a connection with nature through art and community. What inspired you to prioritize nature-centered connection at KINKA, and what benefits have you noticed?

KINKA is proud to share our commitment to sustainability and guide our community in discovering our core values, aligning with 1 Hotels’ belief in the transformative power of nature-immersed experiences. Our mission is rooted in environmental stewardship and fostering creativity. We are confident that we provide a platform for creating a journey that promotes well-being.

For new houseplant parents looking to bring a touch of greenery into their homes, what are your top tips, especially in limited urban spaces?

Choose the right plants for the right place. Begin with a few easy-to-care-for plants to build confidence and experience. Find out the right plants for your space before expanding your collection. Know your space and lifestyle; understand light conditions, humidity, and watering. Regular maintenance is key.

What are the best houseplants for beginners that do not require much sunlight?

A Chinese evergreen can add a splash of color to lower light areas, while a dragon tail offers a unique set of leaves growing off a root that emerges from the soil, simulating a long vine. These plants are easy to care for and are hardy in nature. Other beginner-friendly plants that can thrive in medium to bright indirect light are snake plants, ZZ plants, pothos, and philodendrons.

With the upcoming plant workshops at 1 Hotels’ New York properties, could you share a glimpse into the experience?

KINKA offers various workshops that encompass art, food, and plants, drawing on our strong professional background. One such workshop is Kokedama, also known as 'floating gardens,' which involves wrapping the roots and soil of a plant in moss balls rather than a ceramic pot. Another workshop features terrariums, which are miniature glass plant displays that are self-nourishing and offer simple beauty while saving space. These workshops allow people to get their hands a little dirty, explore their creativity, and bond with nature. As a long-time trained Japanese tea ceremony artist, I also offer ceremony performances and Matcha workshops.


Explore fun, immersive plant pop-ups and workshops by KINKA at our sanctuaries in Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.

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