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Breath Green – A 20 Minute DIY

From outdoor patios to office desktops, ceramic pots to glass terrariums, growing on walls to hanging from ceilings, plants are being incorporated into all corners of our lives – and for several good reasons.

Published on: February 10, 2016
Person holding a plant out of a pot

By: Lia Loukas

From outdoor patios to office desktops, ceramic pots to glass terrariums, growing on walls to hanging from ceilings, plants are being incorporated into all corners of our lives – and for several good reasons. 

 By simply introducing plants into previously unconsidered interior spaces, we can increase the oxygen levels in our most lived-in rooms as a result of the photosynthetic and respiratory processes that simultaneously remove toxins from the air. This increase of oxygen has been proven to elevate overall happiness and optimism, decrease anxiety and depression and enhance cognitive functioning.

 It’s no wonder that restaurateurs, dentists and architects alike are introducing a little green into our worlds with living walls and spaces. We even see how our neighbourhood florists and large chain grocery stores have caught onto this trend – whether inspired by the intention of design or wellness – and are monetizing on curated succulent centre pieces that are low maintenance and complimentary to any household

Here, we tempt you to stay home, step away from the Netflix and put that avocado pit to use in an easy at home DIY plant project.

 Taking cues from the design world, we look to internationally acclaimed Swedish designer, Michael Anastassiades, for a 20 minute DIY floating forest project as featured in Phaidon’s Do It Yourself book, featuring 49 other acclaimed artists and designers including Ai Weiwei, Ana Kras and Werner Aisslinger and their take on DIY. Consider this the most inventive way to inject a breath of green and oxygen to any room in your home or office.  

breath green

Photo Cred: Phaidon

FLOATING FOREST – Micheal Anastassiades
Time: 20 mins

breath greenbreath greenbreath green

Photo Cred: Phaidon


About Micheal Anastassiades
In 1994, Michael launched his studio to explore contemporary notions of culture and aesthetics through a combination of product, furniture and environmental design. Positioned between fine art and design, his work aims to provoke dialogue, participation and interaction. He creates objects that are minimal, utilitarian and almost mundane, yet full of vitality one might not expect.

Featured Work
Anastassiades’ work is featured in permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Craft Council in London, the FRAC Centre in Orleans, France, and the MAK in Vienna.

About The Book – Do It Yourself

breath green

“Affordable, accessible and inspirational, this book redefines DIY for the IKEA generation. Each easy-to-make project can be made with basic tools and everyday items. 

Every project includes hand-drawn step-by-step illustrations and colour photographs to ensure success. Also provides photographic lists of tools and materials, plus details of the cost and time needed to complete. 

With a biography for each designer, the text also reveals the inspiration behind the design.”

“If you’ve been carrying a torch for a great design piece… [this] new book may help fulfill that unrequited love… fun, often quirky projects.”



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