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5 Ways to Meditate While On The Go

A woman meditating by a pool

At 1 Hotels, we wholeheartedly value the impact of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Whether you’re on the beach at 1 Hotel South Beach, taking in skyline views from 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, or finding your zen at 1 Hotel Central Park with our meditation leader, Biet Simkin – we believe in the many powers of meditating. 

But even if you’re not on vacation at 1 Hotels, that doesn’t mean you can’t meditate on the go, in the middle of your day, wherever you are. Mindful meditation can be as simple as just taking the time to acknowledge your present moment and your thoughts, no matter where your day may lead you. 

Basic mindfulness and meditation have lots of health benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, and improving eating and sleeping habits. But no matter how hectic your life may seem, you can fit in the time to find your center, to get grounded and refresh. Whether during your morning commute, right before you go to bed, or while you’re waiting for lunch, here are some tips to help you fit a moment of peace between the craziness of your day:

1.     Meditate while you wait

Whether you’re driving and stuck in traffic or waiting in line, don’t let your feelings of anxiety or stress take control. Use this time to your advantage to meditate, simply by taking deep breaths to relax and regroup.

2.     Focus on your breathing while walking or running

If you’re headed to your next destination by foot, consider turning your focus inward to concentrate on the repetitive rhythm and motion of your steps. Let that repetition guide your breathing, to help you meditation while on the go.

3.     Make it a group activity

If you’re always surrounded by people during your day, try encouraging friends, family, and even co-workers to join in on the meditation with you. This minimizes a potential distraction that could prevent you from your meditations, and spreads the benefits of the practice to those around you.

4.     Place stickers around your house

Place stickers around your house and allow them to act as reminders to you, to stop what you’re doing and meditate, as soon as you see them. These stickers can also be a simple reminder to practice gratitude, love, kindness, and other positive thoughts.

 5.     Use an app

 If you have a hard time focusing when out and about, find an app you enjoy to help guide your practice. Apps like Buddhify are a great way to use technology to help guide your meditation, wherever you are.

Integrate these tips and tricks into your day, to help you add more balance, peace, and mindfulness into your routine.