3 Easy Ways To Reduce Waste

We’re all familiar with the negative repercussions of waste, individual guilt notwithstanding.

Published on: June 27, 2016

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Row of plastic water bottles

We’re all familiar with the negative repercussions of waste, individual guilt notwithstanding. Excess waste is not only expensive to manage in terms of natural resources, energy, and money, but it is also responsible for pollution and has been linked to climate change. It goes without saying we all want (and need) fresh air, clean water, and uncontaminated food. Making small changes can lead to huge differences in the quality of life and health of all living things, so we’ve listed three simple ways you can help reduce your own waste. 

1. Always bring reusable bags and containers when shopping, traveling, or packing lunches or leftovers.

2. Compost food scraps and yard waste. Up to 90% of waste disposed by supermarkets and restaurants is food scraps. Learn more on how you can compost at home & create a home food waste plan. 

3. Buy in bulk rather than individual packages. Packaging alone makes up 30% of the weight and 50% of trash by volume. 

To minimize the use of plastic in your own life, look around your home and work to identify plastic items. From there, seek to find alternatives.